Update: Quick look at Lunch A Palooza + giveaway results!


And the game key goes to phoxr. Congrats!

This game came out of Early Access today. Here’s a quick look at Lunch A Palooza.

Food fight!

It’s pretty much self explanatory, it’s a game where you fight with various food on the table. The characters in game are quite funny looking, you can play as a hamburger, corn dog, meatball, jello, ice cream, donut and more.

There are quite a bit of different game levels, all of them are themed as a restaurant. There are four game modes available.

  • Main Course – a free for all type game, knock all other players out of the table
  • Side Dish – a team game, fight between 2-3 teams
  • King of the Cloche – a king of the hill type game
  • Royal Buffer – random character every time, which is probably the best game mode out of all

You can play it online as well or locally with someone else in the room.

It’s not about the looks

As you can see on the screenshots below the game design is quite simple but it doesn’t really look that great. Overall it’s a funny looking title that you should be able to enjoy with your buddies and kids, just don’t expect anything spectacular.

The giveaway

Simply leave a comment below and have a chance to win one free Steam key for this indie title! The winner will be picked on weekend (Saturday-ish).

Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.


I run this place! :D

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  1. Matrioshka35

    Thanks for the chance :)

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  2. ayuinaba

    Thanks for the chance!

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  3. phoxr

    Making me hungry..

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  4. Rani Marzouki

    Thank you for the GA !

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  5. PoSmedley

    My daughter would go crazy for this. It looks fun and we could play it together online.

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  6. nicolas

    thanks for the opportunity, the game looks awesome!

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