Review: Sins of a Solar Empire

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Are you bored of all real time strategy games? Then you gotta read this :)

Why is it so fun? Well…it’s huge. I mean really huge. Just look at this screenshot of some random map we were playing on lately:


So what is this game all about? It’s simple. You start on a single planet, develop your base, culture and technology and then you take over more planets. Additionally you can form alliances with computer or human players (trade stuff, see their planets and ships etc) or even form into teams.

Planets are neat (huge gas planets, Earth-like and ice/magma giants), some of them have artifacts which can improve your ships speed or endurance. Most planets are habitable but some of them aren’t.

Of course to build all that stuff on them you need credits, crystals and metal – the last two can be collected from all the planets you have or space garbage floating around. You can of course trade with your team mates or even use the black market.

Lets talk about races here. We have 3 different cultures to chose from – TEC (humans), Advent (creepy sounding lesbians) and Vasari (berserk dudes).

Of course each of them have different ships, structures and technology. Technology is divided into two types – military and civilian.

Occasionally you and your allies (as well as your enemies) will get raided by space pirates which can be pretty frustrating in the beginning. Pirates do have a base somewhere on the map and you better watch out not to come across it in the beginning because they will simply kick your ass.

Be sure to reserve at least 3-5 hours of your time before you play this game with your friends, it can get really addictive. Also there’s an expansion for it (it’s cheap) but we didn’t have a chance to play it yet.

We recommend getting this game directly through Impulse store or buying it in a box somewhere (or cdkey) – you just enter it on your Impulse account (the same as on Steam) and the game downloads. It’s worth to mention that you can always unregister a game from your account on Impulse or even sell it after you get bored with it. But we will get into this in other news.

Another cool thing is achievements – the game has a few which can be quite fun.

And finally the game has a pretty complex Map Designer which allows you to create enormous galaxies with hundreds of planets (!).

Check out this random gameplay video in HD (you can find more on the net) – I’m too lazy to record my own vid ;P

So..summing up if you’re a space nerd like me or a big Battlestar Galactica fan this game is a must have. If you want to find out a lot more about the game read this article on Wikipedia.

Oh..and I’ll leave rating to you (but for me it’s a solid 5/5) :)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Kossak

    i got it from pevious impulse weekend deal (with Entrenchement). I’m still learning the game, and it’s really great :)

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  2. netlork

    I played the expansion Entrenchment and its funny yes, hehe. Space stations are powerfull

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  3. stranded

    I didn’t have a chance to play the expansion yet but I’m planning to get it soon.

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  4. Dragoon

    Yeah that game is awesome. Did you try the expansion that adds Space Stations? I like the Advent Space Station. You upgrade it with a module that cause nearby asteroids collide with your enemy.
    How said throwing stones is a outdated tech?

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  5. netlork

    I buy this game past wee in impulse and its a great game :D

    I recommend it

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