Quick look at Shadowrun Chronicles thanks to Games Rocket!

Just got another game from Games Rocket for testing – this time it’s Shadowrun Chronicles, an Early Access game developed by Cliffhanger Productions and published by Nordic Games GmbH as part of Jordan Weisman’s Shadowrun fictional universe. The game was crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

Shadowrun 2015-04-24 13-58-48-84

The game is a tactical action RPG in isometric 3D. It has a single player mode and 4-player co-op mode as well which is probably why I’m into this game at all – I play coop games mostly because it’s always fun to play with people you know rather than random noobs on the net. The game features the action map, where a group executes missions turn-based, and the meta game, with a city map where the mission preparations, crafting of software, and character management takes place.

The character customization screen is pretty nice, you can select from different races, sex and general appearance like skin color etc.

Shadowrun 2015-04-24 13-40-28-50

Shadowrun 2015-04-24 13-37-29-69

Here’s a look at the city you spawn in:

Shadowrun 2015-04-24 13-59-12-50

It can be quite confusing at first but you just gotta walk around the place and listen to the NPCs in there. Other games are wandering there as well. Once you’re ready to go for a mission click on the Top Notch Cab and here’s the map:

Shadowrun 2015-04-24 13-40-49-04

And a quick glance at the first mission, here’s a short gameplay to show you how it looks like. To me it’s something like XCOM I guess, where you have to run from spot to spot and use covers to kill efficiently.

Sorry for the noob gameplay, I have no idea what I’m doing but it is fun I guess. Just gotta get used to the game mechanics. I’m sure I will get back to this title as soon as I get GTA V out of my head… which could take a while.

It’s safe to say that this title is going to get a lot of support in the future, I’m actually getting an update as I write this :)

Shadowrun Chronicles Update

And special thanks to Games Rocket for providing me with a copy of the game for testing!


You can buy Shadowrun Chronicles on Games Rocket by clicking here. It’s €29,95 for the standard edition and €46,49 for the Deluxe Package.

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