Weekend Deals (11.03.2018)

Here are the best deals for the end of this great weekend! 🎮💻 Spring is just around the corner... Here are the highlighted deals: Couple of really nice upcoming games on sale now! Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR Weekly Sale still up! Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR March Madness Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR OMG Sale Star Deals Special Steam Unpowered 5% off voucher: UNPWR Spring Sale Rising Storm 2:…


Weekend Deals (26.03.2017)

Hey guys here are the best deals for Sunday! Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR Daylight Savings Weekend Deals Highlights: Mass Effect Andromeda €49.14 Vikings: Wolves of Midgard €28.55 Cities Skylines €9.24 Micro Machines €21.95 Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR Weekly Sale is up! The highlights are (always scroll down for best price on G2A!) Torment: Tides of Numenera €21 Watch_Dogs 2 €31.78 GTA V €23.77 Tekken 7 €31.59 Dead Rising 4 (EU)…


Weekend Deals (26.02.2017)

Here are best Weekend Deals for the last days of February! There is a lot of nice deals today, I can't remember the last time we had so many of them. Check them out below! Another Intel special promo on GMG (Ryzen hype much?): Featuring: Insurgency £1.29 DOOM £17.99 This War of Mine £2.99 Rocket League (and some DLCs here) £11.24 Dead Rising 4 (EU) €27.19 The Hunter Call of The Wild €23.69 STYX Shards…


Weekend Deals (09.10.2016)

It's getting worse outside so it's a perfect time for some sales! 🌂🍷 Industry Manager: Future Technologies £11.24 (€14.99) Stardock Weekend Sale Featuring: Ashes of the Singularity €17.99 and Offworld Trading Company €17.99. Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR Weekly Sale is up as usual, featuring: Titanfall 2, FIFA 17 and Mafia III. Astragon Weekend WRC6 - World Rally Championship at 20% off + FREE DLC Special Steam Unpowered 3% off voucher: UNPWR Weekend Sale is up!…


Smashing Sale on G2Play

Here is a pretty nice sale on G2Play. You can find the highlighted games below! :D Featuring games like: Batman Arkham City GOTY €1.89 Dead Rising 2: Off the Record €1.85 Garry's Mod €2.49 Left 4 Dead 2 €3.89 Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Premium Edition €4.15 Wolfenstein: The New Order €4.99 Dragon Age: Inquisition €7.98


CD-Key stores don’t give a fuck about privacy!

I've recently found out (thanks to many user reports) that some CD-Key stores are requesting ID scans from their users after you purchase a game. They want users to send a passport, driver license or ID card scans or even pictures of buyers holding their ID card (with face visible)! Do not send them anything, never do that! You have a right to protect your identity online and you should…


Weekend Deals (19.03.10)

Hi, guys! So you all hoped that there will be no weekend deal report again and you don’t have to spend money on this weekend? You thought wrong! :D Don’t be afraid, take out your credit card and read on :)   GamersGate presents this weekend deal: Painkiller: Resurrection for 29.95€ 17.97€ (-40%) (Steam price: $29.99/£19.99/29.99€). GamersGate has always other (daily) deals running, so check them all out here or…


Weekend Deals (05.03.10)

6th March update: added Toki Tori on Steam.   Good early morning. Let’s make it quick. Steam Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is available for 75% off until Monday! ($7.49/£5.49/6.99€). Steam added Toki Tori also on sale with 50% discount ($2.45/£1.62/2,23€). GamersGate Condemned: Criminal Origins, Elliptic Twist (also available on Mac). And more here (total 23 titles)! Impulse is offering 22 titles this time! Check the list here like: Spore, Hearts…


Weekend Deals (26.02.10)

GamersGate opened this weekend on Thursday, offering Majesty 2 The Fantasy Kingdom Sim - 75%, Batman Arkham Asylum - 60%, Aztaka - 50%, Spellforce Gold - 40%, Spellforce 2 Gold - 40%, Winter Challange - 50%, PikGem - 20%. The whole list is here. Also Steam is offering 75% discount for Spellforce (RPG/RTS) series. It is a good serie with excellent story and bare naked ladies and dragons ;) Loved…


Weekend Deals (19.02.10)

Hello and welcome! Here is something for you.   Good Old Games is back from expanding their titles and are offering RPGs from Divinity games (Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity) with 50% discount. Yay! I remember playing those games long time ago. Loved Divine Divinity title theme song. Get them both for $7.98 and save $8.00! Link here.   Steam gives away THQ Complete Pack for 50% less price (49.99€).…


Weekend Deals (12.02.10)

This one is a happier one because Good Old Games is offering also weekend deal – Red Baron Pack & The Incredible Machines 50% off! GamersGate: Fort Zombie -75%, Armada 2526 -40%, Battlestation Pacific & Midway -40%, Max & The Magic Marker -10%. Steam - Mount & Blade is available for 85% off until Monday! 29,99€ 4,99€. Steam also has Total War week running. Save 66% on Total War™ games…


Weekend Deals (29.01.10)

Sorry guys, my computer was messed up and couldn’t act sooner and was working my ass off :( Buy I guess that you have already found your Weekend deals :) So here is short gathering results: Impulse has 12 good offers - http://www.impulsedriven.com/explore/onsale like Trine, Light of Altair and space turn-based strategy Armada 2526 .. could it be so good as Master of Orion? And 1C company games are now…


Weekend Deals (15.01.10)

And here it is, another weekend, last one was like just yesterday…

GamersGateNapoleon’s Campaigns, World War One, American Civil War, Birth of America II: Wars in America, Birth of America. GamersGate offers Steam-like overlay system called PlayXpert for free!

Good Old GamesTex Murphy games 50% off!

Steam offers Dirt 2 with 50% discount. EU users beware, European price is 80% higher than US price!

Impulse is offering 7 items here.

DLGamer sells Borderlands 15€ cheaper, for 34.99€.

Also G2Play has some offers here, use at your own risk.

PS. The list will be updated when new offers will pop up.



Week 2 deals

Weekend deals are not enough :) And that’s true. We need deals all the time! Constantly!

This week is started by GamersGate by offering 40% discount for arcade puzzle game PikGem. Steam also started early this time and is offering entire King’s Bounty franchise 75% off! Offer is valid til Thursday, so hurry up. Direct2Drive (all of them) offers Aaaaa! with 50% discount. G2Play announces that they will give free keys away, at 19:00 CET. And also they have deals on their page.

PS. The list will be updated as more deals pop up :)



Modern Warfare 2: Get your game or money back!

As we find out recently Online Key Store is sending out new sets of cd-keys for the game so that people who bought it from their store can easily re-activate their game once more on Steam. Also G2Play is refunding (according to their response on Twitter): http://twitter.com/G2PLAYSHOP/status/5916068001 So if you bought your key somewhere else and you’ve lost your game please do not hesitate and ask for a refund or…


G2Play.net selling stolen CD-Keys?

According to SavyGamer G2Play.net is selling stolen CD-Keys...at least for the game called Blood Bowl. Read the whole story in here (it's pretty long!) Another thing about G2Play.net. In the past (like two or a year ago) their prices were really attractive, but since Valve changed the currency for countries around the world G2Play's prices went up high...I mean it looks like they are trying to rip off some people…