G2Play.net selling stolen CD-Keys?

According to SavyGamer G2Play.net is selling stolen CD-Keys…at least for the game called Blood Bowl.

Read the whole story in here (it’s pretty long!)

Another thing about G2Play.net. In the past (like two or a year ago) their prices were really attractive, but since Valve changed the currency for countries around the world G2Play’s prices went up high…I mean it looks like they are trying to rip off some people by setting the price higher than it really is.

I have removed G2Play.net from the alternative shops (approved sellers list) – at least for now.

Edit: CDkey-Game.com was also removed due to this.

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  1. SireEby

    The first purchase I made on G2Play, my order was delayed over a week because I had to submit “proof” that I was a real person. The proof they required was extensive documentation about my identity that I’ve NEVER been asked for by any other site. They withheld my legally purchased order until I submitted this proof. Another time, I attempted to buy a game time card, and what I received was code for a free trial account. This “game time” was not able to be added to my existing account and G2Play threatened to “notify the authorities” for disputing this transaction. I will NEVER do business with this company again and cannot advise anyone else to do so, either.

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  2. john fucking doe

    Have been having issues with EVERY key i’ve gotten from these, all in use by specific names now, majorly pissed off

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  3. Tom Fowler

    In most cases the reason for users not being able to activate some keys is the fact that most users don’t read the product’s description. Big red note saying that this product is for Russia only seems to be not good enough for some people. On G2play you can buy keys cheaper than on Stem. True. We do not know where they get it from. True. But on the other hand, would you tell someone where you are buying keys cheaper so they could do it there instead of your store? I don’t think so.

    I have never had any problems with any key (though I am aware that there are such issues). They only verified me once (wanted something with my address on it). But I guess it is kind of understandable. There are a lot of scammers out there and they have to be sure that they are selling to a real human.

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  4. Sire Eby

    I ordered some codes from G2Play and they not only failed to deliver after a valid payment, they harassed me for over a WEEK to submit documents with personal identification so they can steal my identity. Each time I do they say it’s “not good enough” and ask for more. The worst buying experience I’ve EVER had – online or in person! And I still don’t have any codes.

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  5. Stephen

    All of the sites like g2play, etc. Are scams.

    That’s why they are able to sell at discounted prices.

    The scam is:

    1. They purchase the game/cd-key from a retailer such as steam, so that game is linked to their account.
    2. They refund their purchase, keeping the money you paid for the game/cd-key and getting their money back.

    I’m sure there are other methods they use, but that is one of the most efficient ways they do it.
    After a few months or years, chances are the person that made the purchase isn’t playing that game anymore.
    So they don’t even know they’ve been scammed.

    If the person IS still playing the game, and notices they’ve been suddenly locked out of their account.
    There’s no proof of purchase, no paper trail, and no way to get your money back.

    You can justify the purchase any way you want.

    “I’ll keep my emails/chats with the company as proof of purchase.”
    Do you really think easily forged chats/emails would hold up as proof in a court of law? Of course not.

    Good luck to those they purchase from sites like this. Maybe you won’t get scammed, maybe you will.

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  6. Daddy

    G2Play is pissing me off. Instant delivery? I paid over two hours ago. Even got an email thanking me for my payment.
    Now where the hell is my key?! Plus, they’re 24/7 customer support is a joke. I’ve had a ticket open for over an hour.
    I wish I could get my money back, but it looks like it’s too late for that. UGH! EFF these guys!

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  7. mineass

    there can be several reason y u receive wrong or duplicated key.

    lookin at g2play site i can realize site owner doesnt spend much time in designin site, makin it friendly and understandable, its just mess of something around. im 80% sure same mess in his site programming code which can cause big problems with wrong delivery etc.

    and more big problem for me is that g2play buys russian keys from russian reseller as digital code, not box. russian releller can make mistake in code or just send him wrong or sold key. he will never know about it before sell this key.

    about eula violation, if you ever see russian box, u can find text there: not for sell outside russia and cis. but there no any restrictions about key itself. thats y russians sell key only, not box itself.

    i have agreement and consulted with 1c company – russian publisher of many games (cod, darkness etc), about sellin this keys abroad, they said they cant sell keys abroad directly, but after they sell it to me i can do anything i want since there s no rules about keys. i only cant send box itself abroad. so i move to russian publishers warehouse, buy packed boxes, unpack , photo it, upload into db and sell.

    sadly g2play cant do same cuz they dont see box, they see code only sended by russian reseller and thats y u can receive wrong or duplicated key sometimes.

    in nature this business is ok

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  8. G2play Scam

    Bought Dead Island and didn’t give me a cd-key saying they’re processing/pending. (‘ve already processed my transaction via paypal and supposingly delivered within 24hrs, and I paid for 24hr VPN access)

    So after a week I email them if they don’t respond and provide me a product. I will file this against them on paypal and visa.
    After all, its just a number they sent through email and not an actually package they deliever. Shouldn’t take longer then any parcel.

    Then they gave me one right away. Signed up and paid for the 24hrs VPN again and found out the cd-key had been used)

    They then ask you to send them your invoice number, a picture of the error code on steam in jpg format only, a picture of your game list in jpg format only and send it to them.

    Do all that and wait for them to confirm.

    They reply with there’s a problem with them and their provider and ask for your patience until they had it solve.
    (come to think about it.. that’s not my problem… they should give me a new one and fix whatever problem they have after that!! Why should I wait?!?

    Another week’ve gone by and I email them again about that, and ask for the 2 VPN access fee I’ve wasted because of them.

    Gave me another cd-key rightaway, which doesn’t work after wasting my third VPN access spending.
    Didn’t answer any of my question as well.

    Filed against them on visa and paypal.

    so here’s what you learn from them:

    – tell you to wait for them but they never come to you.

    – they never follow up and try to forget about you after you’ve paid up

    – they’ll make up any excuse to make you wait and work until you want to give up bugging them

    – ignor your every questions

    – they’ve got a free 0.00% loan from me and possibly a lot others out there.

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