Weekend Deals (26.02.10)

GamersGate opened this weekend on Thursday, offering Majesty 2 The Fantasy Kingdom Sim – 75%, Batman Arkham Asylum – 60%, Aztaka – 50%, Spellforce Gold – 40%, Spellforce 2 Gold – 40%, Winter Challange – 50%, PikGem – 20%. The whole list is here.

Also Steam is offering 75% discount for Spellforce (RPG/RTS) series. It is a good serie with excellent story and bare naked ladies and dragons ;) Loved it totally! Heard that they are working on Spellforce 2 addon Faith in Destiny, so need to buy first version or something, maybe there will be”loyality” deal like with Stalker Call of Pripyat.

Direct2Drive suprises with “Amazing Strategy Titles on sale!” by offering 60-75% discount for: Supreme Commander Gold, Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Gold Edition, Tropico 3, Hearts of Iron III with Sprite Packs Bundle, Hearts Of Iron III, Hearts Of Iron II Collection, East India Company and more! Whole UK list here. EU deals are here. US list is here. Fortunately the deal is not ending on 1st March, it lasts almost a week, til 4th March. Unfortunately some are geo-restricted and some prices are crap, like Supreme Commander Gold – 14.95$/£4.95/19.95€. Come on!

PS. Don’t forget to check out the D2D EU “Join the party” celebration here.

Impulse has 14 titles on sale, some are geo-restricted. Check them out here.

Good Old Games has Activision month running (last week!) and lately were Kings Quest 4+5+6 and Call to power 2 added, so if you want, check them out hzere.

G2Play key store has also some deals, like Source Multiplayer Pack 25% off and other deals. Check it out here. G2Play is active in our forums, if any questions, ask away.


NB! There is deal, where you can buy Dawn of War II for £5!!! Check the comments!


Don’t spend too much :) And have fun!

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  1. DeStiNy

    MYTHQ-73853-WHPTB gives you a 25% discount on the THQ Store.
    Thanks to sciss0rz from the Steam forum!

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  2. netlork

    Yes! Thanks too :D Downloading DoW2 wohooo

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  3. fix-cz

    Thanks for the link! DoW2 downloading now! ;)

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  4. Nightwalker

    thank you very much “just_do_it_ffs”. I waited a long time for a good price for this game.

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