CD-Key stores don’t give a fuck about privacy!

I’ve recently found out (thanks to many user reports) that some CD-Key stores are requesting ID scans from their users after you purchase a game. They want users to send a passport, driver license or ID card scans or even pictures of buyers holding their ID card (with face visible)!

Do not send them anything, never do that! You have a right to protect your identity online and you should be keeping your IDs and documents for yourself or very trusted stores and institutions. Especially when you’re using PayPal. It’s basically against PayPal’s policy to request those things from buyers. The online seller has no right to ask for and ID not even mentioning the scans. Period. Always request a full, immidiete refund if any shops requires an ID, unless you’re ok with it.

These CD-Key shops request ID scans:

  • G2Play
  • GameKeyDistrict
  • OnlineKeyStore

From now on the Steam Alternatives section will have a separate section for stores which require ID scans.

It’s unacceptable that these stores don’t even mention of ID scans before the purchase! So gamers out there, watch out!

You can discuss this problem here or by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Søren


    Bought my CD key for diablo 2 there, and it is being used by someone else….

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  2. OKS_LegenD


    we dont really care what you think about this issue, are you an online store? do you get chargebacks and disputes from scammers everyday? think the answer to both is no so i fail to see why this has made some kind of headline and why you fell it nessacary to say trhat because we ask for it to verify id then that makes us the bad people?

    The fact that once id is given all customers receive goods they paid for and we are happy that they are not attempting to defraud us after 90 days the id is destroyed anyway and the profile is verified and we dont ask for it again.

    It’s a system that saves us many 1000’s of euros every month and we will keep it regardless of any sites opinion on the matter


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  3. sinedd

    Hi all,

    G2PLAY asked me to send a scan of my ID, but I blurred almost everything (name,photo etc) and they were OK with it.


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    I think it is a bit of a wide generalisation to say “CD-Key stores don`t give a fuck about privacy” and I also think its quite misleading.

    CD-Key stores have the right to request neccessary ID, for example, that confirms the name of the customer. No other detail is really needed to be shown, for sure not a photo.

    It`s a sad fact that alot, and I mean alot of users here are willing to rip off owners of key stores, some even make a living off what they do or at least contributes to their living. Who knows how many key store owners have a family to support? or a house to pay for etc? Certain users here are willing to take from the mouths of children just to play a game.. i find this quite disgusting.

    I`m all for CD-Key stores requesting ID, if you don`t like it, don`t provide it.. as long as a refund is given, there is no problem.

    As a customer it isn`t as clear cut as it may seem, paypal aren`t supportive and in the end the cd-key stores will lose out, no more key stores = paying full prices at Steam or elsewhere. Customers have to kind of support the need for these checks and understand if they aren`t happy with it then they will receive a refund in a timely manner.

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  5. stranded

    Thanks for your info. Please understand that not every customer needs to do this in order to buy.

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  6. rokimoki

    I want to leave my comment, I don’t usually buy cdkeys from g2play for Steam because they say (steampowered) that is against their rules because they are not an official valve distribution (for valve games I mean) so I don’t want to be banned…

    I bought from g2play lot of CDKey such as World of Warcraft EU prepaid card (20€ and ussually cost 24€), wow games (consider to pre order cataclysm), and more from eA Digital Download Manager…

    They never asked me for an ID like diver license or debit card scan, etc… If that helps my first order was 05-06-2009 (europe date dd/mm/yyyy).

    I can say that from g2play never asked me for any ID… I have to add that some other cdkey stores request my cell phone and they call me to confirm the order just that…

    Okay bye.

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