Modern Warfare 2: Get your game or money back!

As we find out recently Online Key Store is sending out new sets of cd-keys for the game so that people who bought it from their store can easily re-activate their game once more on Steam.

Also G2Play is refunding (according to their response on Twitter):

So if you bought your key somewhere else and you’ve lost your game please do not hesitate and ask for a refund or a new key. And do not be afraid to use online key stores in the future – things like that happen but we cannot let Valve threat people with removing games and such.

Have fun playing!


Here’s a cool screenshot thanks to Rad86N:

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I run this place! :D

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  1. KeitaroBaka

    Oh yes… But i’d prefer them refunding thos shitty FEAR2 keys
    they sold us, and they fucked us ! Basterds…

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  2. Rad86N

    my friend got his new key from OKS today..

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  3. Xerwin

    Im still waiting for my key or refund from 3 Days now…

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  4. salami

    I can confirm this, already got refunded on nov. 20th just hours after writing a email.

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  5. Dragoon

    I would expect no less from a legitimated business.
    Very good!

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