Weekend Deals (19.02.10)

Hello and welcome! Here is something for you.


Good Old Games is back from expanding their titles and are offering RPGs from Divinity games (Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity) with 50% discount. Yay! I remember playing those games long time ago. Loved Divine Divinity title theme song. Get them both for $7.98 and save $8.00! Link here.


Steam gives away THQ Complete Pack for 50% less price (49.99€). And don’t forget Shattered Horizon free weekend and 50% discount (9.99€). Check the Shattered Horizon post here.

Warning: both deals suffer 1$=1€ terror, making price 35% higher than in US!


Impulse showed already yesterday some titles as Weekend Deals, but today the list has been updated. Impulse is offering now 12 titles including Tropico 3, THQ Ultimate Bundle (70% discount!) etc. Check them out here!

NB! Some items Like Star Trek Online and Savage 2 is available only for US and Canada :(


GamersGate has Mac week running and forgot to offer something for real gamers, so no weekend deal for normal people :) Check the difference picture here (opens in lightbox).


G2Play is offering L4D2, Orange Box among other things. G2Play is active in our forums, so you can always ask them questions if needed.


PS. The list probably will be updated, is something new pops up.
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  1. Creiorly

    To those who do not know,Steam offers the following deals:

    1. Wings of Prey Midweek MadnessWings of Prey is available for 50% off until Thursday!

    2.To celebrate a new lower price, Devolver Digital is offering Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter at 50% off until March 2nd!Want to play with some friends? Grab the four pack also available for 50% off!

    3. KranX Productions is offering their action indie title Hammerfight for 50% off until March 2nd!

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  2. fix-cz

    20% pre-order discount on Amnesia: The Dark Descent (by creators of Penumbra series!)


    Only $16!!! (+VAT probably)

    Go buy it!

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