Weekend Deals (05.03.10)

6th March update: added Toki Tori on Steam.


Good early morning. Let’s make it quick.

Steam Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is available for 75% off until Monday! ($7.49/£5.49/6.99€). Steam added Toki Tori also on sale with 50% discount ($2.45/£1.62/2,23€).

GamersGate Condemned: Criminal Origins, Elliptic Twist (also available on Mac). And more here (total 23 titles)!

Impulse is offering 22 titles this time! Check the list here like: Spore, Hearts of Iron series, Street Fighter IV, Patrician III etc!

GetGames are offering also discount, for Napoleon: Total War (-20%) & Condemned: Criminal Origins (-75%).

G2Play has also some items on sale with discount, but not sure, if there is a weekend deal also :) Anyways, check it out here. They are active in our forums, so if any questions, feel free to ask.


Don’t spend too much and have fun! :)

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  1. Rad86N

    For some of us from LIVE unsupported countries, we can even buy for euros.. as our account are registered to for example UK, while our debit cards are not..

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  2. Tommy

    05.03.2010 – 08.03.2010 – Live – Games on Demand Weekend Deal:

    Street Fighter IV for 50% off. -> $19,99
    In the official € store it costs about €17,50. Idk if theres a way to buy in $ for everyone because i never used the Windows Store.


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  3. just_do_it_ffs

    Operation Flashpoint is not even worth that price, that’s how much it sucks.

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  4. CptWasp

    Patrician III should be nice; Impulse offers it for ten dollars, better than steam or GamersGate. I take it.

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