G2A Spring Cleaning contest now up! #G2Aspringcleaning

Here’s a nice event on G2A. Just clean your dirty PC gear and win new toys! Check out the details below.

How to win?

  1. Prepare a piece of paper with #G2Aspringcleaning hashtag on it and include it on every contest photo.
  2. Take a “before picture” of your dirty hardware, desk, gaming device or set up (it could be a console, it could be a PC, it’s up to you on what you want to show). Clean it, and then take an “after picture” of your clean hardware.
  3. Post it as a public post in your Instagram/Twitter feed OR as a comment to the daily posts on G2A.COM’s with the same hashtag: #G2Aspringcleaning
  4. Once again: make sure to include the contest hashtag on the photo and in your post/comment

And that’s it! Simple as that the winner will be announced on G2A’s livestream on Twitch.tv on May 15th, so get your submissions in NOW on FacebookInstagram or Twitter

Check out the special promo page for more info!


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