Who wants free games this week? Contest!

Yo!! I’m in a good mood today. Who wants to get some free Steam games?! Wanna have a chance to win some free games? Do this:

Draw a horse for Patricia.

Send your drawings to:


Winners will be announced on Tuesday. Be creative, be fun and be offensive! Go!


You guys are hilarious, keep them coming!!! Tell your friends.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Martin Pham

    When will this contest end? :D. Got my brother to draw for me on his iPad :3

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  2. theshich

    Patricia? Who the fEck is she?
    And I don’t known how her horse should looks like.

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  3. ibou

    Sent ^^

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  4. GoogleUser5

    Hey I submitted my entry on your email! Hope I win :)

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  5. ajaxmansion

    never mind it’s free :) btw: thanks for this chance to win :)

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  6. ibou

    and what king of game we can get it ???

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  7. Mărculescu Sorin

    Dude some questions to make us visit some bundle website to get a change at wining 1$ worth of shit is one thing but you can just go fuck yourself with your unicorns and shit. We are games not art students. Again…. GO FUCK YOURSELF!

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    1. stranded

      don’t wanna play? go fuck yourself dude :-D no one is forcing you to come here. people like the idea I can tell because I see those beautiful horses on my mailbox.

      keep it up guys!

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    2. Mărculescu Sorin

      No problem at all :) keep your stupid horses and affiliate links for yourself. Have not seen a good game in a while. I might as well not come anymore :) Adios muchachos :)

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  8. Martin Pham

    If only I knew how to draw…. I should get my lil’ brother to draw a horse, and send his picture xD. It would probably been better than mine.

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  9. slay

    who is Patricia?

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    1. xeramon


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  10. Bigou

    Nice initiative. Alas, when I try to draw something, most of the time it look like it’s everything but what I wanted. Good luck to everyone participating!

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