Portal 2 Gets a Date

9 February 2011

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Portal 2 - Out 9 February 2011

Valve has finally confirmed a release date for the upcoming Portal sequel known as Portal 2. While we knew that it would be arriving in 2011, many might be surprised to learn that it will in fact arrive on February 9th, 2011, which is a bit sooner than expected.

The news of the release date also came with the information that Portal 2 would be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on the same day. It is expected that a Mac release for Portal 2 is also likely, but so far Valve has not confirmed a release of a Mac version; but sources tell us that it is likely that they will do so after the February 9th release on the other platforms.

The big news about the Portal 2 release by Valve perhaps isn’t in the game itself, but the fact that Portal 2 will be released for the PlayStation 3. Valve has been closely aligned with the Xbox 360 for console releases and the PC where it uses its Steam platform to distribute and market its titles.

The PlayStation 3 release was announced at E3 earlier this year and effectively put an end to the exclusivity that the Xbox 360 enjoyed for Valve titles. While Portal 2 is the first of the current Valve titles to come to the PlayStation 3, sources tell us that if sales are as good as expected, it will not be the last.

Some footage of Portal 2:

Now all we can hope for is that Valve Time does not come into play …

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  1. Ing. Michal Hudák

    I am obsessed with skating but I can’t walk, so my only hope is this simulator. Thank you for this opportunity to enjoy ride on PC.

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  2. Deman

    Oh my god. I’ve played the crap out of the Tony Hawk series. I
    remember the one where you enter an easter egg where the fat kid with
    the light saber is dancing around. This game is soo good. Building big
    combo’s is the best ever! Hope that I or any other major Tony Hawk fan wins this game.

    No votes yet.
  3. Johnna Rhodus

    I would like to win this because it brings back memories of the old days when I used to play Tony Hawk! I would love to bring some nostalgia into my life!

    No votes yet.
  4. jOc

    Thanks for the chance!!

    No votes yet.
  5. elnooo

    I played the classic Tony Hawks on the PS1 of a friend and later on PC. So much nostalgia. Hidden Tape, SKATE, Wallride the Bells etc. <3 But also worst ragemoments of my life after fking up that 32423424 trick combo again and again :D

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  6. hamdi

    I would like to get it because it is my bet game :)

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  7. VitalityFX

    Getting to win a copy of this game would be freaking great as I have been debating whether or not to buy it. I have been wanting to get back into playing THPS and really enjoyed playing the demo. The new HD graphics are a lot easier on the eyes. I don’t understand how I was ever able to play with the old graphics, hahahaha.

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  8. The_Mr_T

    I used to be a skater :) Nowdays, only in video games :-b

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  9. Edvinas

    I need something, because U know, GTA 5 is far far away, so it would be a mindblowing :)

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  10. SHJordan

    Played this for so many months on ps1 =p would be great for having that combo streak feeling again.

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  11. Betonar

    Hi, I would like to have it becouse it’s would be nice surprise for my younger brother who played it on PSX

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  12. JIMBO.

    I hope i get this cuz i play underground 2 much *tony hawk *

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  13. Matze

    I’d love to compare it to the original games, as I owned THPS 1-3 on the good old PSX and loved them there… spent at least 100h per game.

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  14. Marek Stanček

    because got new TV and want try it with good game :)

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  15. iwan

    Wow, I thought that was released only on consoles. Can’t believe I missed that. I used to skate when I was a kid and played THPS2, THPS3 and THUG2. I still listen to the songs that were in the THPS games. I wanna experience it all again in HD.
    I can just buy it myself but I’m too frugal. I would buy it only if it would be a part of a Humble Bundle or something so this is basically my only chance in my whole life to experience my childhood again.

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