Microtransactions Coming Soon To Steam

According to Voodoo Extreme 3D at IGN next month’s Steam client update will introduce support for much-hated microtransactions:



Want to offer your customers a scabbard for their sword? New tires? The latest in night vision goggles? Now you can through microtransaction support in Steamworks.

Your item server can now be easily integrated with Steamworks so that Steam users can buy and instantly use the items they want – all without leaving the game. Steam handles all of the billing through the user’s Steam account.

Steam Cloud

Now with a greatly expanded capacity — now 100 MB per user, per game. The Steam Cloud API allows your game to write and retrieve files for each user.

Steam Total Makeover

The new Steam client makes finding friends, tracking achievements, reading news, organizing game collections, and keeping up to date easier than they ever have been before.

Even when creating visual aids, Valve remembers to screw mainland Europe.


Thanks to Kossak for providing the news from VE3D.IGN.COM (click for full article)!

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  1. glubbar

    Oh and may I add: when one has bandwith issues, resulting in the loss of connection with Steam servers, you loose the ability to use additional weapons, hats, whatsoever in the game you’re playing.

    This is a real issue that might become really annoying on the long run if Steam relies on this to lock 50% of their games’ contents when people are not able to connect “decently” to the internet.

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  2. glubbar

    @H4ndy: yep I have, and it’s usually borked. Steam is not made to play offline and this is one problem.
    But I am more concerned about what Steam Cloud will BECOME than what is it right now (a stupid nearly useless gimmick, that is).

    If they start saving up to 100mb of data per user, that means they will store stuffs online (not accessible if you don’t have internet access temporarily) like saved games, personal data, or even DLC contents… which they will make us pay for by the way!!

    And that is the main problem on this topic: Steam is on the verge to become even more evil than Games for Windows Live, Electronic Arts or even the new Ubisoft online services (read: online restrictions and monitoring crap).

    I can see they grab their ideas from the recently added Team Fortress 2 features: lots of small additions more or less useful to the game.

    I mean come on, they’re already planning to make paid Downloadable Contents for L4D2. It’s only a few steps away from making paid downloadable weapons for Team Fortress 2 (and their upcoming games)!!


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  3. endgame

    @Faky a few days wait is not so bad. sometimes they release broken games *cough* bfbc2 *cough* which r patched (at least partially) by the time u get the package. oh and amazon.co.uk is really fast if u know what i mean. i get my games in 5 days tops and i’m on the other side of europe. :)

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  4. Elbart

    First announcing to support the rotten apple, now microtransactions, everyone with half a brain-cell knows, where this road is leading to.

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  5. Faky

    @endgame : yea i came to same conclusion. I use Steam Unpowered script to see prices in € and $ and if i see its 35% higher i simply do not buy. No matter the price. Because if they wish to squezee the money out of my wallet too hard, i can even go get the game for free.

    But anyway – i buy most of the games from UK stores, where i get DVD and it costs me a lot less then Steam even with postage included. The only downside is the few days wait.

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  6. stranded

    Like fucking Steam offline mode works at all. HAHA. Try to launch something in offline mode when you’re traveling with your notebook. Sure it works somehow when you’ve been online at least once (this makes NO SENSE, it still wants you to go online to use offline mode).

    That’s why I don’t even login to Steam anymore. I just don’t care anymore.

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  7. H4ndy

    @glubbar: You can play offline even with Steam Cloud enabled games. They just try to sync your data AFTER playing. And if you’re offline, they just can’t sync and thats it. Have you even tried this before you’ve decided to shot against it?

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  8. endgame

    “Even when creating visual aids, Valve remembers to screw mainland Europe.” just partially true. after all u know what? they can charge however much they want. it’s the user’s fault if their system works because the user can simply choose not to buy the games that r overprices. and yet so many f**king retards keep doing that. not that i care that much anymore. i buy most of my games from amazon.co.uk now and u know what? i’m loving it. i missed the shinny boxes on my desk. :D oh and it’s also much MUCH cheaper, like 25 to 30% cheaper even with handling and shipping taxes included.

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  9. glubbar

    Another step toward bullshit business.

    This is really going far. Time for boycott is approaching.

    Also I see a real problem with the Steam Cloud: I don’t want my data to be saved on multiple computers just to be able to access it ONLY WHEN I’M ONLINE.

    Damn it, is it too hard to realize that not everyone has 24/24h internet connection on this planet?
    What the fuck, I want to be able to play my games (including my saved profiles) when I’m offline too!

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