FREE HITMAN Spring Pack now on Steam!

If you didn't have a chance to play the latest HITMAN game you can now check the game out on Steam for free with a bunch of FREE missions and stuff. Spring Pack - A FREE download that includes the story mission, ‘World of Tomorrow’, plus all of the Escalation Contracts, Challenge Packs and Featured Contracts released for Sapienza. The Spring Pack also allows you to play any future re-activated…


All Battlefield 4 DLCs are now available for FREE!

Just add all of the DLCs into the cart and proceed to checkout, all of them will be assigned to your account and you just need to buy the standalone game after that if you want, you don't need it to redeem all of the DLCs! Here are all of the Battlefield 4 DLCs: LEGACY OPERATIONS SECOND ASSAULT CHINA RISING EXPANSION PACK NAVAL STRIKE DRAGON'S TEETH FINAL STAND NIGHT OPERATIONS…


Price Comparison: Dying Light Enhanced Edition

The brand new add-on for Dying Light comes out today, check out the prices below! Store EUR Buy €29.67 Visit €32.93 Visit €33.49 Visit €34.99 Visit €34.99 Visit €37.95 Visit €37.99 Visit €40.69 Visit €44.99 Visit All prices in Euros, you can easily convert them to other currency by using our widget on the sidebar. All keys should be region free but always check before you buy!


Killing Floor 2 development is a joke

Seriously a new patch just came out – they’ve added a Gunslinger class. The guns are modeled pretty nicely but their sound effects are so bad. Additionally the game crashed on me today 3 times, I know it’s an Early Access game but you have got to be kidding me that after so many months the game is still not ready and sometimes feels unfinished and “alpha-like”. The Patriarch looks…


My Lands – Steam Giveaway!

Get this, the Developers of My Lands contacted us and decided to giveaway Steam keys for the Age of Prosperity Premium DLC (worth $20/20€) for free! More details in here.

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A miracle on Steam has just occured!

After 14 months, Skyrim + it’s DLCs are now available in Eastern Europe. The rumor was always that one of the Polish publishers had an exclusive permission to sell Skyrim on the retail market, even though the game was powered by Steamworks you couldn’t buy it on Steam (worked as a gift from other countries though). Now all Eastern European folks can buy the game… for 30€. I don’t know…


Nintendo stands against DLC

Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo has just stated why their games don’t provide DLC: “When we sell a game, we want the consumer to feel that they’ve had a complete experience. We’re unwilling to sell a piece of a game upfront and, if you will, force a consumer to buy more later. That’s what [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1" background_position="left top" background_color="" border_size="" border_color="" border_style="solid" spacing="yes" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" padding="" margin_top="0px" margin_bottom="0px" class=""…


Battlefield 3: Lets boycott the shit out of this!

As most of you know, EA recently announced an exclusive DLC for preordering BF3. If you don't purchase the pre-order or limited edition version of BF3, you will have to pay extra for the Karkand Expansion Pack. Karkand Expansion Pack is some guns and ammunition, which will create an unfair advantage people who pre-order. As well, charging people extra to play maps available on day one. This was a decision…


Dragon Age II is not out yet but you can already buy DLCs?

Dragon Age 2 official US launch date should be today, 8th March, and in Europe 10th March, but isn’t it strange, that  game that costs $59.99 / £29.99 / 49.99€ (whoa, a fair price! :D) has already DLCs, that costs 560 + 800 BW points?!     But there is a good thing too, you can download a High resolution texture pack for the PC version, so you can run…


The end of the DLC’s?

Gamespot revealed scary statistics – only 15% PC and 6% of console consumers buy DLCs. And this may be end of the DLCs and rise of the prices and sequels or new name with re-skinned game (if you know what I mean … ;D)

And here is the article:


Industry-research group finds small minority download premium content via Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii over three-month period; 15 percent got content online via PC or Mac.



DLC for your hardware? It seems Intel fucking did it!

Intel wants to charge $50 to unlock stuff your CPU can already do. Intel is asking their customers to pay extra if they want the full power of their store-bought CPUs. Some guy was browsing through the Best Buy shelves when he noticed this $50 card that lets you download software to unlock extra threads and cache on the new Pentium G6951 processor - Intel websites confirms it. got…


New Borderlands DLC coming out on September 28th

The new DLC for Borderlands – Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution – is going to be released on September 28th. XboX 360 users will have to pay 800MS points for it which is around $10. We hope the PC price will be the same for everyone. The new DLC will not make your max in-game level cap go higher because of the upcoming patch on October 12th is going to raise…


Borderlands – new DLC on the way?

Borderlands recently got an update which added Steam achievements and new hardware support. That update also may have laid out, in extreme, spoiler-filled detail, the next downloadable expansion for Borderlands. The new Borderlands patch featured a folder with details about the future of the game. The next expansion appears to be heavy on Claptraps – the small, funny robots in-game. It turns out that you may be fighting them and…