All Battlefield 4 DLCs are now available for FREE!

Just add all of the DLCs into the cart and proceed to checkout, all of them will be assigned to your account and you just need to buy the standalone game after that if you want, you don’t need it to redeem all of the DLCs!


Here are all of the Battlefield 4 DLCs:

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Another Battlefield 4 DLC available for FREE!

Second Assault Expansion is now available for free on Origin, simply go to the Origin store and add the DLC to you account. You don’t need the base game to claim it, so you will have the DLC when you buy the game in the future!

Battlefield 4 free DLC

The Witcher Series Sale on GOG!

I can’t wait for the new The Witcher 3 DLC – Blood and Wine! This is probably one of my favorite games of all time. If you haven’t played it yet you can do that now because the game and it’s add-ons are now on sale on GOG! Just go here. The game is available as DRM Free or GOG Galaxy.

The Witcher 3 Sale GOG

Price Comparison: Dying Light Enhanced Edition

The brand new add-on for Dying Light comes out today, check out the prices below!

Dying Light Enhanced Edition SteamUnpowered Price Comparison

Store EUR Buy
G2A €29.67 Visit
CJSCDKEYS €32.93 Visit
Kinguin €33.49 Visit
G2A €34.99 Visit
GameMafiaPro €34.99 Visit
G2A €37.95 Visit
Kinguin €37.99 Visit
G2A €40.69 Visit
G2A €44.99 Visit


All prices in Euros, you can easily convert them to other currency by using our widget on the sidebar. All keys should be region free but always check before you buy!

Killing Floor 2 development is a joke

Seriously a new patch just came out – they’ve added a Gunslinger class.


The guns are modeled pretty nicely but their sound effects are so bad. Additionally the game crashed on me today 3 times, I know it’s an Early Access game but you have got to be kidding me that after so many months the game is still not ready and sometimes feels unfinished and “alpha-like”.

The Patriarch looks like retarded tank from Left 4 Dead mixed with handicapped Quake character.

The Patriarch

They’ve added crates into the game. That’s right micro transactions in an early access title for fucks sake. You can even buy keys to open them up. Is this fucking Counter-Strike?

They have also discounted the game during sales, which is a kick in the teeth to everyone who got the game as Early Access.

Anyone else requesting a refund? I’ll just add that I’ve played 220 hours in the first Killing Floor and it’s fucking painful to see the sequel getting so bad over time and it’s not even released yet.

Don’t even try to post anything negative on their forums because it will be removed asap. Thanks to Zuko for screenshots and potato quality because pcmasterrace needs 144 FPS.

/rage off

Update: Please join this anti-microtransactions group on Steam

My Lands – Steam Giveaway!

Get this, the Developers of My Lands contacted us and decided to giveaway Steam keys for the Age of Prosperity Premium DLC (worth $20/20€) for free! More details in here.



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A miracle on Steam has just occured!

After 14 months, Skyrim + it’s DLCs are now available in Eastern Europe. The rumor was always that one of the Polish publishers had an exclusive permission to sell Skyrim on the retail market, even though the game was powered by Steamworks you couldn’t buy it on Steam (worked as a gift from other countries though). Now all Eastern European folks can buy the game… for 30€. I don’t know about you guys but I would wait for the summer sale on Steam to get it.

Skyrim in Eastern EU

Yay I guess.

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