Giveaway: Quake Champions Beta Key!

Leave a comment on the website (under this article) or one of our social media sites and have a chance to win one Quake Champions Beta key! Winner announcement coming this Friday 20:00 (CET, 28.04.2017). Will have another beta key soon :)

Get into Dawn of War III Beta!

Update: Still doesn’t work it seems…

Just go ahead and fill out this survey and have a chance to get a key. This is my personalized link that will help me get the beta first but when they send me more keys or invites I will give them away on site! :) For some reason this link doesn’t open correctly yet as I’m posting this but should be working soon I guess?

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Beta Keys inside!

The closed beta is almost over so it’s pointless to waste all of those game keys, right? Here are some Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Beta keys from our friend trawiator. I personally didn’t like the experience because the game runs like shit and looks really dull and boring.

If you have some luck one of those keys is going to be yours so you can test the game yourself! :D It’s really a shame because the previous parts of the game were really good…

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Steam: New UI and Netflix Sign-In coming soon?

It’s time! Even more stuff is coming to Steam it seems. Someone at SteamDB found a lot of hints in one of the latest Steam Beta releases – the new UI design is not all.

Apps, comics, music, TV shows and movies are on their way. Some of the game icon choices are weird for example an eight-year-old Mirror’s Edge cover so it basically looks like a placeholder image. It may not even be a current Valve artist’s vision, but something an employee downloaded and put up in the files.

The most interesting element is this image, where we can see a Windows desktop. The date on that screenshot is 12/7/2016, and whoever owns this desktop recently downloaded netflix_master_sign-in.gif.

Is Valve trying to integrate Netflix into Steam and it’s Steam Link devices or machines running Steam OS? This would absolutely crash the competition IMO. Recently released Steam beta removed the files which only confirms that their inclusion was a mistake.

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EVOLVE goes free to play, beta launching today!

I personally don’t like that concept of 4 players vs 1 big monster with overpowered skills but I guess that’s not only me… After the game’s bad response overall the studio’s co founder Chris Aston made the announcement few hours ago and revealed that the redesigned EVOLVE is going back as a FREE TO PLAY title, beta starting today. Those who already bought the game in the past are going to receive a “Founder status” (whatever that means) and a promise of “gifts, rewards and special access” in the future.


Check out the trailer on YouTube!

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Fortnite invites inside, enter giveaway now!

Just got another Fortnite invites and I can invite 2 players into the game. If you are interested please post a comment under this post or our social channels (Facebook, Twitter etc) on why would you want to get the invite and maybe you will get it. I’m gonna pick the winners on Friday (April 15th). Thanks for reading! :-)

Fortnite Giveaway SteamUnpowered Free

Killing Floor 2 development is a joke

Seriously a new patch just came out – they’ve added a Gunslinger class.


The guns are modeled pretty nicely but their sound effects are so bad. Additionally the game crashed on me today 3 times, I know it’s an Early Access game but you have got to be kidding me that after so many months the game is still not ready and sometimes feels unfinished and “alpha-like”.

The Patriarch looks like retarded tank from Left 4 Dead mixed with handicapped Quake character.

The Patriarch

They’ve added crates into the game. That’s right micro transactions in an early access title for fucks sake. You can even buy keys to open them up. Is this fucking Counter-Strike?

They have also discounted the game during sales, which is a kick in the teeth to everyone who got the game as Early Access.

Anyone else requesting a refund? I’ll just add that I’ve played 220 hours in the first Killing Floor and it’s fucking painful to see the sequel getting so bad over time and it’s not even released yet.

Don’t even try to post anything negative on their forums because it will be removed asap. Thanks to Zuko for screenshots and potato quality because pcmasterrace needs 144 FPS.

/rage off

Update: Please join this anti-microtransactions group on Steam

Quick look at Might & Magic Heroes VII beta, giveaway inside!

Hey guys, I just got a beta key from GamesPlanet for the latest Might & Magic game beta which is Might & Magic Heroes VII.

MMH7Game-Win64-Shipping 2015-06-03 16-00-31-94

Many people loved the Might & Magic series back in the day, especially the 3rd part of the game – Heroes of Might and Magic III. But that was in 1999. Now another part of the game is about to be released and the beta is looking pretty nice.

For those of you who have no idea what kind of game is this it’s a turn based strategy (similar to XCOM series I guess) and like the previous Might & Magic games in the series, players control heroes with magical skills who recruit a variety of forces from strongholds. You have to fight the opponents using your armies and heroes and basically counter the “bad” heroes. It features a campaign (not available in the beta), standalone and multiplayer scenarios.

MMH7Game-Win64-Shipping 2015-06-03 16-07-53-18

By capturing more territory and enemy towns, the player can build a larger army which leads to victory. The game is won when one player is left standing and the rest have been defeated. The game uses the good old Unreal Engine 3 which is not a bad move, although, to me, the engine feels really outdated at the moment. But this is not a major problem because the strategy is a key to the gameplay. Performence wise the game is lacking, on my i7 CPU and pretty outdated GeForce 560GTX it can barely play on ultra settings on full HD screen resolution. It’s around 40 FPS which is horrible in my opinion – considering it doesn’t really look that good, but hey it’s time for a GPU upgrade after all these years I guess. GTA V spoiled me because it runs so well…

Here are some screenshots I’m not gonna bore you any longer:

MMH7Game-Win64-Shipping 2015-06-03 16-03-43-75

And a very short video of one of the battles that I’ve played:

I don’t really have much time right now because I can’t stop playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which is amazingly good. To me that’s probably one of the best games of the year, along with Grand Theft Auto V on the PC – also remember to join our GTA V crew guys! :D

Thanks to GamesPlanet for providing a beta key and if you want to win one for UPlay just leave a comment below on our website, winner will be picked today at 8PM (GMT time zone). Good luck!

Gamers who preorder the game at GamesPlanet will get their beta acces right away. Might & Magic Heroes VII -20% discount with the promo code: MM7. And special 20% off discount for the Deluxe Edition is: MM7DLX.

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Good Old Games: First look at GALAXY client

I got into the alpha for GOG Galaxy client – a brand new application that allows you to download your Good Old Games purchases to your desktop, chat with your friends and more!

First Look At GOG Galaxy Client

After you receive the code for the alpha you have to activate it on your GOG profile, after that it shows up as another game on your shelf:

GOG Galaxy

The installer is around 60 MB and after installing takes around 105MB of disk space.

After initial login the interface shows up and the program itself looks… boring to be honest:


And this is how installing a game from your library looks like:


You can see the Settings window open on the screenshot above. You can select the number of concurrent connections which speeds up the download speed I believe (no idea if it’s P2P?), the Startup Page which is something similar to Steam (either Library or Store), Features (not yet available) and installation paths.

I will post more stuff when the app gets updated. Right now it’s nothing special but it works.

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Quick look at Heroes of The Storm, beta key giveaway!

I just got a key from one of our partners at Games Rocket and decided to share some info on the latest Blizzard game – Heroes of The Storm. First of all if you haven’t heard about it earlier (like myself, somehow…) it’s a combination of heroes from Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft. Which sounds interesting.

Heroes of The Storm LOGO

It’s a DOTA style game so you can imagine how many gamers worldwide are interested in this title. The game is going to be Free 2 Play and obviously it’s going to have lots of micro transactions. Right now in the beta, you can spend in-game currency or real-life money. The games is only 4GB if that matters at all and of course it’s downloadable through the’s client.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

HeroesOfTheStorm_x64 2015-04-13 14-24-46-93

The game starts with a fun little tutorial, where a Star Craft II character – Jim Raynor – gets sucked into into the “Nexus” where he’s introduced to Warcraft’s Uther the Lightbringer. They fight Diablo and it’s pretty funny! You’ll learn how to use each of your hero powers, as well as the idea of cores, towers, and minions. Just like any MOBA game there are three paths, with towers and gates to clear out, with waves of minions coming through each lane. The main difference between DOTA 2 or League of Legends is that Heroes is built on speed. You don’t even have to worry about gold and items.

HeroesOfTheStorm_x64 2015-04-13 14-28-55-93

I’m pretty sure all Blizzard fans will love the idea of pitting their favorite characters against each other.

HeroesOfTheStorm_x64 2015-04-13 14-30-58-77

I have one key for the game to giveaway thanks to:


How to get the key? Leave a comment on our site or any of our social websites regarding this game, tell us why you want it. Winners gets picked on Saturday (April 18th).

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