Steam: Developer & publisher pages now in beta

Steam introduced the Creator Homepages (currently in beta). It should players to discover and connect with new and existing developers. You can follow the developers and publishers or even get notified of any changes in their catalogs. That’s pretty neat!

How does it work?

  • Any developer or publisher on the platform can now
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Fortnite enters Early Access on July 25!

I have been playing Fortnite around a year ago with my friend Zuko for hunderds of hours and I really think that this game is amazing! I haven’t touched it since because they have reset all of the game progress. I will invite some of you to the game as soon as I get more invites!

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Beta Keys inside!

The closed beta is almost over so it’s pointless to waste all of those game keys, right? Here are some Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Beta keys from our friend trawiator. I personally didn’t like the experience because the game runs like shit and looks really dull and boring.

If you have some luck one of those

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EVOLVE goes free to play, beta launching today!

I personally don’t like that concept of 4 players vs 1 big monster with overpowered skills but I guess that’s not only me… After the game’s bad response overall the studio’s co founder Chris Aston made the announcement few hours ago and revealed that the redesigned EVOLVE is going back as a FREE TO PLAY title, beta starting today. Those

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Fortnite invites inside, enter giveaway now!

Just got another Fortnite invites and I can invite 2 players into the game. If you are interested please post a comment under this post or our social channels (Facebook, Twitter etc) on why would you want to get the invite and maybe you will get it. I’m gonna pick the winners on Friday (April 15th). Thanks for reading! :-)

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Quick look at Heroes of The Storm, beta key giveaway!

I just got a key from one of our partners at Games Rocket and decided to share some info on the latest Blizzard game – Heroes of The Storm. First of all if you haven’t heard about it earlier (like myself, somehow…) it’s a combination of heroes from Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft. Which sounds interesting.

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Steam Discovery has launched, client updated

Well well, here’s a nice update for the Steam store, it looks so much better now and has some improved features like recommended tags etc. and the client got a small visual update as well. Good job Valve now fix your prices in Europe! ;-)

Steam Discovery has launched, store updated

And here’s