Insurgency giveaway – straight from New World Interactive!

Looks like Spring Lottery 2014 is not entirely over! We have 5 copies of Insurgency from the developers (thanks guys!) - what do you need to do to win? Just leave a comment below or on one of our social sites: Facebook page, Tweet about this (just mention us @steamunpowered), Google Plus this (we're or leave a comment on our Steam group. Five people will get the game and…


Insurgency: Molotov Spring has arrived, trailer and changelog inside!

I always loved Insurgency (a Source engine modification available on Steam) and they’ve just released new content to their game on Steam. Check out the release notes:

This new update for Insurgency will expand upon the experience we delivered in January, with several new game modes, two new maps, an expanded arsenal, and much more. One of the biggest overhauls is with our cooperative mode Checkpoint. Since the version you all have been playing, we have practically re-written the AI code from scratch. The new AI are much more intelligent, and Checkpoint is as immersive and challenging as it’s ever been.


We have been keeping our ears to the ground when it comes to issues people have had with our release, both from a stability and gameplay standpoint. We have addressed much of the instability and crashing issues which plagued certain people. If you continue to have these issues, please let us know and we will work diligently until they are resolved.



Alien Swarm coming this Monday FREE on Steam!

Alien Swarm is a game created by Valve – mostly by people who were hired from the mod community. The game will be absolutely free! You will have to kill thousands of alien scum with your friends in order to complete the game – the game has 4 player co-op. You will be able to unlock a lot of new weapons and loadout configurations. Along with the game get the…


Counter-Strike: Source Beta available!

Available immediately, Valve has launched an extensive update to Counter-Strike: Source, now in beta. The update includes a host of new features and functionality developed in collaboration with Hidden Path Studios. This beta will run for a limited time, and once complete, the update will be deployed to all Counter-Strike: Source owners for free via Steam. Please submit any bugs or feedback on the Counter-Strike: Source Beta forum Features new…