Team Fortress 2 Contribute

Valve is going to put Team Fortress 2’s fanbase to work, giving them the chance to craft their own in-game items, weapons and avatars.

It’s part of the new "Contribute" site, which will allow TF2 fans to submit their own ideas for things like hats and guns to Valve. The good ones will be included in the game. For everybody, too, not just the person responsible.


You can submit stuff right now, gallery coming soon.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Pyro Gourmand

    TF2 comes from the love story between Valve (developers-driven company) and some of the best modders ever (Team Fortress, Frontline Forces, …), it would have been a shame if it wasn’t supported like that, let’s enjoy it while it lasts :)

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  2. Dragoon

    It’s amazing how much dedication the Team Fortress 2 team put into their game. I must say in 14 years computer gaming I never saw anything equal like that. I can only bow in respect to them.

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