Valve wants to shutdown Team Fortress 2 gambling sites

If you're unfamiliar with how skin gambling works in Team Fortress 2 it's basically a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive clone made by Valve. They have released the following statement recently: "In July of last year we outlined our position on gambling web sites, specifically noting that Valve has no business relationship with these sites. At that time we also began blocking many CS:GO gambling accounts... More recently, some gambling web sites started leveraging…


Join our ETF2L team now!

Join our ETF2L Highlander team now! Discuss this on our forums. What is ETF2L? It’s European Team Fortress 2 League. The league has been formed to provide an exciting platform for clans to play competitive TF2 matches against other clans on equal terms.  More info at What is a Highlander? It’s a game mode that allows 9vs9 combat. The teams consist of each Team Fortress 2 class. More about…


Another VAC controversy

I think most of Team Fortress 2 players heard about, a website in which you can look at anyone’s backpack from the game with items, guns and hats. The creator of the whole system - Drunken F00l – got VAC banned lately after he leaked a way to get…the golden Wrench. That guy claims he found out from someone at Valve (?) how to get the Golden Wrench (the…


Team Fortress 2: Engineer update is just around the corner

The last class update for Team Fortress 2 is almost ready, you can check out the Engineer update page to see loads of crazy stuff there. You can craft yourself a Golden Wrench right now by playing the game! The first, new revealed weapon for Engineer is the Frontier Justice which replaces the standard shotty. Keep looking at the Engineer update page for more updates in the upcoming days.


VAC banned by a Valve employee?

A Facepunch Studios forums user claims that he was banned by a Valve Employee for using a SourceMod plugin to activate some console cvars in the game itself (if you don’t know what SourceMod is it’s basically a plugin that’s being used on 99% of Source Engine games, you can do a lot of kinky stuff if you have admin rights and proper plugins…). Anyway here’s this guy’s post: I…


Steam: Mac support on the way?

Is Steam coming to Mac users? It seems so! Check out this thread (they found some hidden TF2, Left 4 Dead and Portal images and new Steam’s UI Mac buttons):


Team Fortress 2 Contribute

Valve is going to put Team Fortress 2's fanbase to work, giving them the chance to craft their own in-game items, weapons and avatars. It's part of the new "Contribute" site, which will allow TF2 fans to submit their own ideas for things like hats and guns to Valve. The good ones will be included in the game. For everybody, too, not just the person responsible.   You can submit…


Team Fortress Birthday!

Today is the official birthday of Team Fortress Classic! August 24th is the day when the Team Fortress was released as a Quake total conversion. Today all Team Fortress 2 players wear birthday hats, all gibs turn into birthday presents and any time you hit someone with a weapon, balloons slowly float away out of them. Have fun!


Exclusive interview on

Valve delivers fresh infusions to its biggest franchises: Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2 and Team Fortress. Gabe Newell mentions the Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott group. You can find out a lot about Left 4 Dead 2 and see the new campaign for Left 4 Dead – Crash Course. Gabe also answers a lot of questions asked on Twitter. Too bad we didn’t know about that…we could have asked…


Defeat the admins – TF2 footage!

Sorry it's so bad but I didn't really have time to come up with something better. I don't have a list of the people who played with us but thanks for joining the match (maybe you'll find your name on the video)! Watch the video now! x-d Next game event coming up this weekend!