Seal drawings winners are here!

Sorry this took so much time. We’ll try to be faster next time. Here are the winners, everyone gets a copy of DOTA 2. That’s all that we can offer at this time… Only their first names are given here to avoid any controversial comments and bad behavior ;) 1st Place – Javier   2nd Place – Jozef   3rd Place – Leonardo

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Shootmania Beta – winners!

So after hours of discussion we finally picked the winners You will receive Shootmania Beta keys in your private message inbox shortly. PunkZoli Kinder Machen Andy iZeMiZe .WiseGuy     As I said earlier we have another lottery coming up, 50 Steam keys this time, stay tuned!


And the winner is…

We had 146 total entries. Most of users passed the quiz (141 valid quizes) and small amount of users failed the quiz (5). The most of people who didn't get it right made a mistake on the last question which was fairly easy. Correct answers: Question #1: What was Steve Jobs' name? Steve Question #2: How many people are there in our Steam group? Over 25 700+ members Question #3:…


Summer Giveaway winners!

Here are the lottery results:

We had 519 total entries. Most of users passed the quiz (503 valid answers) but there were some bad entries too (16 entries were bad which is weird because the questions couldn’t really be easier…).

Here are some more statistics (if you don’t care just scroll down for the list of winners!):