Offensive Giveaway – here are the winners!

We had 264 total entries. It was basically fifty-fifty this time – 134 invalid quizes and the rest of users completed the quiz successfully 130.

The correct answers were:

What is STEAM?

  1. Digital distribution software
  2. Social Network for games
  3. All of above (whether you like it or not, yes it IS a social network – at least it’s trying to be)

Who is the developer of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3?

  1. Infinity Ward
  2. Treyarch
  3. None of above

What is the expected release date of Counter Strike Global Offensive?

  1. Spring 2012
  2. Summer 2012 (deal with it!)
  3. Spring 2013

How many Mass Effect PC games are there? (yes we changed this one but also gave a chance everybody to participate who selected 4 earlier, and no you dumbasses, playing games on iPad/mobile device is not gaming, unless you’re an android toilet gamer like myself)

  1. 1
  2. 3
  3. 4

What is MySteam?

  1. Games store
  2. Hardware store
  3. None of above

What is MySteam automatic delivery system’s name? | 1 |

  1. MyKey
  2. AutoKey
  3. RoboKey

And of course the winners!








(with ALL DLCs!)



Once again A BIG THANK YOU TO:

The sponsor will contact you to give you your game (by e-mail registered in the lottery system).

TAKE CARE AND HAVE FUN! (remember to bitch in the comments!)

More giveaways soon but not as quick as this one, we need to find more sponsors…

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Selo

    hope for more giveaways :) nice contest :D remember 1€ ≠ 1$ :P

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  2. Mendozacheers

    Better luck next time! grats to the winners! =D

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  3. kScope

    Amazingly unexpected, thank you very much!

    No votes yet.
  4. hunshiki

    Oh boi!
    But is’t not clear if I won or not! =D

    JK. Thanks!
    (Sad thing, we won’t get the full version of CS:GO. :D)

    No votes yet.
  5. sandokan

    You can’t have an offensive lottery without some offensive coments! ;D

    No votes yet.
  6. nogood

    What is STEAM?
    3. All of above


    No votes yet.
  7. virq

    fake and gay :(

    No votes yet.
  8. Neldan

    Thanks ! :D

    No votes yet.
  9. regueiro

    I can’t believe I won :D
    Thank you very much!!!

    No votes yet.
  10. stranded

    @sandokan hopefully indeed! also I hope we’ll have more to giveaway

    No votes yet.
  11. Gokburt


    No votes yet.
  12. sandokan

    Congratulations to everyone! Specially to hunshiki :P lol

    And thanks to stranded and mysteam to organize this :)

    Hopefully better luck next time…

    No votes yet.
  13. n00pe

    grats to everybody who wins

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