Summer Giveaway winners!

Here are the lottery results:

We had 519 total entries. Most of users passed the quiz (503 valid answers) but there were some bad entries too (16 entries were bad which is weird because the questions couldn’t really be easier…).

Here are some more statistics (if you don’t care just scroll down for the list of winners!):

And finally, here are the valid answers for the quiz (underlined in red):


1. What is the color of ‘ME’ on website logo?

  • blue
  • green
  • red

2. Do they sell:

  • 100% Scans
  • 75% Scans
  • 25% Scans

3. What’s their current price for Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 CD-Key MP *Import*?

  • 17,99€
  • 19,99€
  • 79,99€

4. Who created the Price Guide on SteamUnpowered?

  • John Locke
  • Jasper ans Smokey
  • TZer0 and Whorus

5. What color is the pedobear on our website (or any other website)?

  • green
  • blue

And lets get to the winners, shall we?











Le Vengeur Slippe



You will receive your game by e-mail (the one used for SteamUnpowered registration).

Please give us some time to send out the e-mails (it might take a while) – the e-mail might get into your spam box!

Now the most important thing, we really appreciate for sponsoring most of these games, be sure to check their store out!

Get ready for another lottery in not so distant future! Have fun and bye!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. sweetanna

    WUHUUUUU!!! OMG!!! I Have won! Thx @ all andCongratulations to all the other winners.

    No votes yet.
  2. Faky

    Gratz to all winners.

    No votes yet.
  3. pawelte1

    Oh well, I was almost sure I won’t win anything.
    Can’t wait to see more lotteries.

    No votes yet.
  4. Skorpy

    Whoa. Never thought I would win… :P
    Now all I have to do is to get rid of the game. :D
    I don’t play games like Supreme Commander.

    No votes yet.
  5. ruuin

    It was my first Lottery, I will keep trying.

    Congratulations to all the winners

    No votes yet.
  6. Dragoon

    Congratulations to all the winners. :)
    To everyone else don’t miss the next lottery and your change to win.

    No votes yet.
  7. Bloody_Knife

    Yay! I rarely go here and i was like why i don’t give a try …

    I’m always lucky XD

    Too bad it’s cannot be activated on steam but its worth 30$(now at 17 in discout of steam for the moment) and the game look awesome!

    I go enjoying this game right now!

    No votes yet.
  8. FX2908

    I actually won something! :) Thanks!

    No votes yet.
  9. MarkAltair

    congratulations to the winners.

    No votes yet.

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