Halloween Giveaway 2012 winners!

Sorry you guys had to wait longer than expected but it’s not entirely our fault either (don’t even think about going to Skyfall, it sucked!)…

There was 473 entries (which is weird because we had thousands of visits in this period of time!), 379 of these entries were good, however 94 were wrong. The most failed question was about either Friday the 13th or the lack of Windows 8 start menu!


Questions with correct answers:

1) What is the most popular symbol of Halloween?


2) Who’s sponsoring the lottery?

Steam Unpowered, INTKEYS and CDKeyPrices

3) Friday the …


4) Does Windows 8 have a start menu?


5) This is Freddy from…

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Ok that’s it here we go! Here are the winners:








































Thank you for participating! Keep visiting our website if you’re interested in our lottery. We will try to bring more games next time, probably around end of the year, near our 4th anniversary!

Note to the winners:

I will be sending out the games as you read this. Keep checking your inbox or e-mail for game key, gift or any other delivery method. You have to be logged in on the website! You might have to add me on Steam to get some of these games! If you already have the game do not hesitate to simply trade it with someone or even better if you don’t want it you can give it away by leaving a comment below.

And one last thanks to the sponsors of some of these games! With graditude we’re putting up a banner for a while of both INTKEYS and CDKeyPrices. Want to sponsor our future lotteries? Please send me a message at contact@steamunpowered.eu or use any of our social sites (Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook etc).

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I run this place! :D

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    1. Borondir

      Sent you an email.

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  1. RunMbug

    When will the next lottery be held?

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    1. woppyce

      Windows 8 DOES have a start menu. There’s even a button called Start. It shows a list of shortcuts like every start menu since Win 95. I find your insistence on your ignorance astonishing.
      (Also don’t forget to downvote me because that makes you right :D )

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  2. mantisghost

    to tell you the truth the 4th question is tricky and should be correct for yes and no as no it does not have start menu on desktop but yes it does have a start menu hidden on loop at the right menu bar. So it either have or not have it. Depend how you look at it

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  3. stranded

    it is not a start MENU though, it’s a metro start screen, totally different and unusable thing (unless you have a touch screen)

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  4. Jibece

    Hm.. I don’t played the lottery, but Windows 8 HAVE a Start Menu, it’s the Start Screen (its look has a little change :p).

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