And the winner is…

We had 146 total entries. Most of users passed the quiz (141 valid quizes) and small amount of users failed the quiz (5). The most of people who didn’t get it right made a mistake on the last question which was fairly easy.

Correct answers:

Question #1:
What was Steve Jobs’ name?

Question #2:
How many people are there in our Steam group?
Over 25 700+ members

Question #3:
Who sponsored the games for our Early Halloween Lottery?

Question #4:
What are they doing on this video?
Hand thing

Question #5:
Who created the original Painkiller game?
People Can Fly

And that’s it I guess, here are the winners:













You should have your game on your e-mail associated with SteamUnpowered account (check spam folders too!), however if you won’t get it please send me a private message on forums. Thanks to INTKeys again and stay tuned for another lottery in the future…

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I run this place! :D

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  1. slay

    rad, oh come on, everybody hates you ;)

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  2. Rad86N

    kurwa, nothing again? stranded must hate me… i think ill sue him

    Mailia: put him dont, hes suffering….


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  3. slay

    congratylationz :)

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  4. popovich

    Well, thanks for the opportunity anyway, but since I never win anything, I didn’t keep my hopes up. :D

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  5. virq

    WOW now i can go and fuck my gayslave with the sime on my face!

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  6. eeveeman

    Genuinely surprised I won, Fear 3 is a great prize so thank you :)

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  7. MrEvilRobot

    Congrats to winners!

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  8. Mailia

    To be fair, Steve Jobs’ name is Steven – Steven Paul, if we are exact.

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  9. raianbronson

    Wow, I can’t believe I won! ^^

    It’s the first time i’ve had any luck with a lottery! And Crysis 2, no less, awesome game!

    Thanks guys, this page is awesome.

    And thanks to INTKEYS too!

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