Spring Giveaway Winners!!!

OK enough with those stupid jokes. Free games, free games, freeeeeeeeeeee games!!!! Click on the image below to see if you’ve won!!! :D

We had 791 entries in the Spring Lottery! 628 of these were good (most of you failed on the first question BUT like I said earlier in the comments – all of participants received amnesty on this one because I messed it up). The second most failed question was the last one which is really weird because I made it clear that winter should GTFO! :D

So here are some stupid graphs or something with number of good and bad entries for each question:

The correct answers:

What is the first day of spring? (AMNESTY FOR ALL)

  • March 19th
  • March 20/21/22
  • October 17th

Who’s sponsoring the lottery?

  • Zordon
  • Steam Unpowered and sumple (+possible sponsors and donors)
  • Jesus

Natural color of grass is…

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green

Winter should…

  • Get the fuck out!
  • Don’t select this if you want to have a chance to win.

Here are the winners!!!!!!!!!!1 OMG:





Windows 8










Reyer PL




LittleCodingFox The Grey




Doktor Sleepless


Did you win? Good! You either already got a private message on the website (check on the top) with your game key or you will in few minutes tops. Next lottery coming up when it gets warmer outside so I guess maybe around the end of June :)

Yay! Now back to food.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Ricardo

    Congrats winners! Maybe i’ll have better luck next time. Can’t wait till it gets warmer outside

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  2. Oh wow thank you so much! I actually only figured out I earned anything when I was browsing through the winners while not really expecting to win anything! This is the first time ever I win any game on a giveaway! :D

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  3. Pepperoni

    OMG :D I was so suprised, when I read the message :D Thank you SteamUnpowered !

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  4. Martin Pham

    YESSS I won Dynamite Jack!!! Thanks :D. This is my first time winning something. Ever.

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  5. KarmaPt1

    OMG I never win anything LOL

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    1. Daniel415

      I feel your pain bro :(((

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  6. shakdude

    Wait, all the participants got Amnesty?

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    1. stranded

      for the first question yes because I messed it up on the day 1, so if you selected anything at all in the first one you still had a chance!

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  7. crazy4ever

    LOL, some1 got question 3 wrong?? xD

    Gratz to the winners!!!!

    If you dont like your game you can also donate them to me :)

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  8. stranded

    If you have a problem with your key message me! Or use steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/stranded

    Sorry for any errors or something! :)

    And @Mavi I had no idea that game was region restricted working on a replacement…

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    1. Mavi

      Thanks a lot :) the Beat Hazard key worked. I already had this game so I gave it to a friend (it’s a girl – friend, awesome, right?! :3 ) and now we can play together :3 . Much appreciated! Have a nice day! (tried to send this to you by PM but it blocked me saying that I have exceeded the limit of mailbox.)

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