Steam update adds library management options and Xbox controller configuration

Two weeks ago Valve released a beta update to the Steam client. They’ve added configuration support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, along with any generic controllers as well. That feature is now available to everyone!

PlayStation 4 controllers support has been added last month. From now on you can connect and use virtually any console gamepad with Steam.

“Note that because X-Input currently lacks per-controller means of unique identification, all controllers of that type will share personalization and configuration settings,” Valve says. “As they share the same inputs, Xbox 360/One/Generic controllers will all see each-others configurations when browsing. Automatic conversion will be attempted when loading configurations from other controller types.”

But that’s not all, they’ve also added rumble support for Xbox controllers and recognition of more third-party PS4 gamepads, such as: HORI, Madcatz, and Armor pads and flight sticks.

Beyond controller support, the latest Steam client fixes several issues, including one that could cause the client to hang when the computer wakes from sleep mode. Valve also added overlay support for new Windows 10 Insider preview builds and showed some love for Linux with updates and bug fixes.

Additionally if you right-click on a game in your library, you’ll also notice some menu changes. You can no longer “Delete local content” but “Uninstall.”

Another nice addition (and probably most important!) is the ability to move game install folders from the Properties > Local Files menu.

Steam Store: Discovery Update 2.0 is now live!

The Steam store has been updated today. It has a lot of new functional settings and finally looks better! I bet most of you guys won’t be able to switch to the new UI just yet, but lets all agree we needed a change after all these years.


The new update is called Discovery Update 2.0 – the next milestone of the Discovery Update released in 20014. Valve did a lot of good work on this one. The new design reduces the number of clicks you need to do in case you want to find something. The old store was a mess. Especially with all of those Early Access Titles on the main page, you can finally hide them!

Valve is now enforcing real screenshots in the store for each game – not some Photoshop bullshit ones.

Here are the highlights of the update!

Quick Access:

More direct links to common destinations. Plus, sections you probably didn’t even know we had.

Personalize (FINALLY!):

Now in the upper-right corner of every game image you will find a quick menu of options including quick access to your Preferences, allowing you to further customize your Steam shopping experience.


Recently Viewed:

Quickly get back to products you’ve been browsing.

Friends Activity:

Whether it’s a hot new release, joining a special event, or getting back into a game that was recently updated, now it’s easy to tell what your friends are excited about.

Expanded Curators:

If you are following Steam curators, we’ve added a clickable preview of their latest reviews and recommendations.

More of the good stuff:

  • there is a top sellers list based on country now
  • the translations have been updated
  • Steam now notifies you if a game from your wishlist is on sale
  • the review system has been updated too

More new features listed here.

Steam: Major update coming soon!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some Steam news, but according to couple of sources online Valve is probably going to launch a brand new Steam Store UI soon. They are planning a refresh of the home page design itself, while it will also introduce a prominent “Popular Among Friends” section.

Steam News

With the new update, Steam curators will apparently be able to clearly indicate whether their post is meant to be seen as recommended, not recommended or informational. “This helps us better understand whether a curation should be used to promote a game on the front page of Steam, or if it’s intended to be informational that should primarily appear on the individual product page,” Valve said.

There will also be a column on the left side of the home page to include:

  • new releases,
  • top-sellers,
  • recently updated titles,
  • upcoming releases

It’s not yet known if they are going to update their heavily abandoned Windows client, that looks like software from 2005. We should receive a brand new program in my opinion, Big Picture mode looks great but the standard UI is a mess.

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Steam Alternatives udpated!

Hey, it seems that Game Mafia is now merged with Kinguin so I’ve removed it from the list. By the way the 3% off Kinguin code is now fixed!

Also I’ve added to the list as they have a lot of nice deals and many people on reddit are happy with it. Check it out here: was founded by four passionate gamers currently living in Huntsville, Alabama USA.


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Insurgency switching to Unreal Engine 4!

One of my favorite tactical FPS shooters is switching over to Unreal Engine 4. It’s basically a remake of the whole game. I’m really happy about that because Source Engine is just too old.

Insurgency Sandstorm

New World Interactive has partnered up with publisher Focus Home Interactive to upgrade the game. The best improvement will be graphical, here’s a comparison screenshot of Source Engine and Unreal Engine 4.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Insurgency will get a story mode based in 2003, invasion of Iraq and updated multiplayer experience. No words on beta yet but developers will be taking your questions on Twitch on Saturday, February 27, 20:00 (8PM) GMT. Insurgency Sandstorm coming in 2017.

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Steam Alternatives updated!

With sad removal of Shiny Loot our Steam Alternatives list has just been updated with a new store from Spain called The store was kind enough to give you guys the extra 5% off with every purchase with our special voucher: UNPWR

So if you are planning to buy something in the store remember to use the code at checkout! If you happen to run a store and want to be on the list please send me an e-mail.

Days2Play offers the best prices for Steam, Origin or Uplay games. It’s easy, fast and safe!

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Steam: Subscriber Agreement 2016 Update

On January 1st 2016 Valve updated their subscriber agreement. Here are the most important parts:

Steam News

Valve is now selling hardware in the European Union (the Steam Controller and Steam Link). Hardware distribution in Europe will be the primary responsibility of Luxembourg subsidiary, known as Valve SARL.

Digital content and services in Europe move back under our US company, Valve Corp., just as they were before the Luxembourg office opened in July 2012. This is pretty interesting, the company claims that in practice, this changes nothing for our European customers.

Valve claims to continue to operate with respect to relevant European laws, such as local data and consumer protection, and continue to provide the same services they have for years.

Those who simply want to keep playing their games and are not making a purchase at this time are free to simply ignore the SSA update for now. It only takes effect for users who explicitly confirm it, usually during a new purchase.

A full copy of the updated 2016 SSA is available for viewing here.

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Steam Alternatives list updated, special discount inside!

Hello, I have removed inactive stores from the Steam Alternatives list. I’ve also added some new stores (Opium Pulses, GameBillet) along with a special, unified discount code – available in selected stores only. From now on use this code in the selected stores: UNPWR.


Here is the list of all stores with active discount code just for you guys:

There are more giveaways planned this month and the HATRED GIVEAWAY ends today. I would like to apologize for the slow website – my hosting company is having some serious problems and I’m in the process of either fixing it with them or moving entirely somewhere else. Thanks for visiting!

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Steam: Insurgency Free Weekend is up!

New update to Insurgency just rolled out, it’s one of my favorite tactical shooters on Steam. You can now play it for free through out the weekend and I really advise you to do so. I’ll try to get some free copies from these guys to giveaway :)

Insurgency New Update and Free Weekend

Grab it on Steam store here or install it fast here.

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Steam: Beta update introduces new UI design, taskbar icon

Just got an update of Steam Beta Client few hours ago and noticed that the changelog mentioned the new UI design and some bug fixes. It’s always nice to see interface updates as I’m not a big fan of Steam’s current designs. I was positively surprised when I saw they’ve removed the diagonal stripes from the top menu of all GUI windows. They’ve replaced them with a little, subtle tint of blue – so now it looks more like Big Picture Mode design.

However I really don’t like the new Steam taskbar icon. It doesn’t look as clean as the old one:

Steam new tasbar icon

Here’s how the rest of the new Steam UI looks like:

New UI Steam

New UI Steam 2

What do you guys think?

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Unreal Engine 4 adds SteamOS and Linux support!

Around month ago Epic Games released the source code and tools for its brand new Unreal Engine 4 to studios and individual subscribers. The big news in Epic’s 4.1 update notes is the full support for packaging games onto SteamOS and Linux.

Unreal Engine 4

It’s another big step in broadening what defines high-quality PC gaming beyond Microsoft Windows. Support for alternative operating systems is finally introduced into the engine directly. All developers have to do is toggle a selection in the engine to translate their works onto SteamOS or Linux and that’s it. Neither SteamOS or Linux will completely replace Windows, but having major engines increase support across more platforms—like Crytek’s recent announcement of Linux support for its CryEngine—means a more amount of graphics for gamers from all environments.

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