Uplay updated: Twitch video streaming, automatic patching

Ubisoft is hoping to make the experience a bit better with its upgrade to Uplay 4.0. The big news coming out of this announcement is the addition of Twitch integration into the Uplay client. Anyone playing a Ubisoft game can broadcast their playthroughs through the Uplay client. Certain publishers have stood against livestreams of their games, though more and more of them are reversing that policy. Ubisoft’s relationship with the…


Steam chat now supports history after nearly 10 years

Everyone who’s using the Steam mobile app for Android already knows that Steam was capable of keeping the chat history on the device (or servers actually). People also wondered why the fuck isn’t this built-in in the desktop Steam client. Well since yesterday it is! You can now close those annoying chat windows you have and re-open them later just to read the message someone sent 5 seconds ago. You…


Origin update to allow live streaming your games

Origin is about to release an update (available in beta now) that will enable Twitch integration which will allow anyone to stream their games live for the world to see.   The update will also bring various fixes to the client like improved menus, friends list and client responsivness and add new features like importing custom, non-Origin games into the Origin's games list.


Software finally arrives on Steam!

Steam finally launched their software distribution section. There are a couple of interesting postitions on Steam right now including: ArtRage Studio Pro, CameraBag 2, GameMaker: Studio, 3D-Coat, 3D Mark Vantage and 3D Mark 11 and of course Valve’s free Source Filmmaker. Some of these use Steam Cloud and Steam Workshop which is pretty cool I guess. Lets hope software developers won’t start releasing their software on Steam only, I personally…


Is There Any Deal – update!

Check out these cool new features! Waitlist. That's the list of games you want to buy when they get on better deal. Now you can set up at what price you want to be notified and on which shop. For example, you can set that you want to know about deal for some Steamworks game when it gets under 10€ on any shop and for non-steam game you want to…

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Team Fortress 2: Engineer update is just around the corner

The last class update for Team Fortress 2 is almost ready, you can check out the Engineer update page to see loads of crazy stuff there. You can craft yourself a Golden Wrench right now by playing the game! The first, new revealed weapon for Engineer is the Frontier Justice which replaces the standard shotty. Keep looking at the Engineer update page for more updates in the upcoming days.


Steam Client UI Update to Release on Monday

After two months in beta and over twenty updates, the Steam Client UI Update is slated to release to all Steam users this coming Monday, April 26th. The beta has been a huge success. The number of people who participated exceeded Valve’s expectations, and so far people created 25 thousand posts to the beta user forums. As a result of their participation, the Steam team has had the feedback required…


Steam: Top Games Under 5/10 introduced

I think Valve realized their opponents have those in their stores so they’ve added it: http://store.steampowered.com/news/3158/ At least they’re showing all currencies now: Browse for the Top Games Under $10/£7/10€ or Top Games Under $5/£4/5€ and find the day's top-sellers. Yeah we all know one dollar IS one euro… Games Under 5€ Games Under 10€