Steam: Linux client gets a major update!

All the penguins are happy today, check this out:

The Steam client got a major update recently with some pretty needed features:

On game launch, if there is an update available but we haven’t started downloading it yet, ask the user if they want to launch the existing bits or wait for the update.

How it took them this long to add in that option is crazy, it will be a much needed feature for SteamOS I’m sure.

Add option to let other games download while a game is running (this is a per-game setting)

Also a great addition for playing a single-player game and downloading updates which won’t interfere with gameplay. There is a vast amount more fixed too, here are the Linux specific fixes:

QuoteFix paste pasting stale text.
Fix Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V in client-hosted web page text controls.
Fix incorrect foregrounding of a blank window in some -silent startup cases.
Fixed corrupt check box and radio button images on web pages
Fixed game controller hot-plugging not working
Fix runtime bootstrap rewriting so that if this process interrupted, steam is not left in an inconsistent non-startable state.
Fixed crash on linux if /proc/net/route isn’t available
Fixed missing cursor in Akaneiro when using the overlay
Fixed Steam failing to re-launch on shutdown if some open sockets took too long to close
The overlay now saves and restores the games gamma settings when invoked
Fixed overlay not displaying in some runtime configurations

If you have been holding off because of stability issues, try Steam again on Linux now.

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