Steam: Major update coming soon!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some Steam news, but according to couple of sources online Valve is probably going to launch a brand new Steam Store UI soon. They are planning a refresh of the home page design itself, while it will also introduce a prominent “Popular Among Friends” section.

With the new update, Steam curators will apparently be able to clearly indicate whether their post is meant to be seen as recommended, not recommended or informational. “This helps us better understand whether a curation should be used to promote a game on the front page of Steam, or if it’s intended to be informational that should primarily appear on the individual product page,” Valve said.

There will also be a column on the left side of the home page to include:

  • new releases,
  • top-sellers,
  • recently updated titles,
  • upcoming releases

It’s not yet known if they are going to update their heavily abandoned Windows client, that looks like software from 2005. We should receive a brand new program in my opinion, Big Picture mode looks great but the standard UI is a mess.

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  1. stranded

    nope, right now it’s just some leaked info and rumors!

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  2. trancemansion

    Do you have information, when aprox. we should expect this update ?

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