EA Origin: ‘Our aim is to be a better version of Steam’


EA says it wants its Origin download platform to be a better version of all the other portals on the market.

The firm’s senior VP of global ecommerce David DeMartini has also responded to Valve and Steam boss Gabe Newell’s criticism that Origin has yet to do anything ‘super-well’ – adding that he is delighted that the platform is now ‘part of the conversation.’

“If MySpace had stayed the one answer in social networking and no one switched to Facebook, then we’d all be stuck on MySpace right now and we wouldn’t have had the Facebook phenomenon,” he told MCV.

“There are better mousetraps that ultimately get built out of this innovation and the only way you get to the innovation is to have other people try and do a better version of what someone has previously done. And that’s what we’re attempting to do on Origin.

“Gabe was quick to point out in the first time he ever spoke about Origin publicly that he didn’t think we’d achieved that yet. I would agree with that – we’re

on a path of constant improvement. I didn’t expect to be able to out-feature Steam within the first 12 months. But I’m quite optimistic we will differentiate ourselves as a service. We’ve built the foundation and now we are starting to

add value to the service off of that foundation.”

On Newell talking about Origin, DeMartini added: “If 12 months ago you would tell me we’d be in the conversation, I would have been pretty happy. And when you look at the fact that over 12m people have downloaded Origin, we have over 50 partners that have flocked to the service in less than 12 months, and we did over $150m in revenue, which represented 400 per cent growth over the previous year – those numbers show we are making huge progress.

“EA is in a really interesting place. We have this bar that is set so high, so that whether it is any of our games or services, we want to be 90 plus Metacritic at everything.

“Origin is moving in that direction. We are not there yet. We understand that. But we are going to get there soon.”

Source: mcvuk

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I run this place! :D

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  1. NooBu4ok

    They try to tell me that Origin is/going to be better than other platforms?
    They got their 400% growth just because of BF3.
    “We will do it they said, we will be better they said”

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  2. Suffering

    Hahahah. EA is just a constant source of amusement for me. Their ego is just hilarious.
    Plan to be better than Steam, yet they will never sell games at anything over a 50% discount. I’m sure you’ll do great.

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  3. Faark

    Btw, bad rating are is for the content of the story, not that you published it here :D

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  4. Starlet


    1. MySpace lost because there is fuck-all investment into a social network, Facebook had better features and MySpace got actively worse after a redesign. Comparatively, many people have a lot of money invested into Steam, don’t want to keep two bloated DRM platforms running at the same time and Origin is by far the less impressive of the two.

    2. There are better mousetraps? I never got that idiom when the same old mousetrap we have used for centuries is still getting sold and still the most popular.

    3. So you are still shit but promise to get better. Thanks for the update Dave, really boosts my confidence in you.

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