Spring Giveaway 2014 is now live! :)

Here we go again with a batch of free games to win featuring: Tropico Reloaded, Dead Island Epidemic, Gimbal, Superfrog HD, The Showdown Effect and a lot more other Steam games. How to win? Simply login (or register - registration with Steam might be broken for now…) and fill out the quiz in here, tell your friends!!! :) We will also have a special prize coming sponsored by CDKeyPrices.com. Keep on watching our social sites for special treats… The lottery ends on April 4th! Results are coming shortly after. Peace out!


December 8th: Cities in Motion

Here’s a free game for today, Cities in Motion redeemable on Steam. Whoever gets it first wins! :D GO! FWTB?-IALFA-YN7ZP Note: Guess the secret number (from 1 to 9!), give others some chance too! :D Post a comment if you guessed it.



Hey guys! We'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary in few days. That's why our website will be looking cooler than ever, starting from today :D Please tell your friends that we'll be giving away games on daily basis starting from December 1st. So keep an eye on our Steam group, posts on the site and our social profiles. You can join those by clicking the buttons on the sidebar on right, remember that if you want to participate in the lottery you need an account on our site (also on the sidebar). We'll also have a bunch of competitions, quizes, quests and finally a lottery! Have a great day!!!


Spooky Giveaway winners!

Hello people. Here are the winners from the recent giveaway! :) 293 people entered this time. All games are Steam redeemable! ryuga81   Neldan   Alenonimo   vukobraz Cyber Killer   Fenchurch   cnagon   IwannaBeThatGuy   rubulu   vireal   IpatovRobert Thanks for participating!!! More giveaways very soon :D :D :D


Super random contest is up!


Since you guys didn’t send any pictures (well only 2 crappy ones) we’re extending the contest until October 20th. Come on guys!


Hello gamers! Here is another contest for you:

Take a picture of something beautiful from your location for Patricia.




Summer Giveaway 2013 begins!

Hello boys and girls! Our annual Summer Lottery is currently up until Sunday (August 18th). You can win some pretty good games thanks to CDKeyPrices.com – of course the titles are for now a secret :> You know how it goes right? Register an account here and simply participate in the lottery by clicking on the image below or here. Good luck!


Spring Giveaway 2013 is here!

Here it is guys! Now you have another chance to win some free games. Enter the lottery now and answer few short questions and stuff. The lottery is totally random (winners are picked by our automated system). Winners will be announced on March 31st. Game CD-Keys, gifts or any other delivery methods will be sent to you by private message system on our website. There are no restrictions here, you don’t have to be registered since any particular time frame, you don’t need to be a member of our Steam group (but hey! you should!). The only thing you need is an account on our website which can be connected with Steam, Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts. Don’t worry we don’t collect e-mail addresses for any other reason than lottery and giveaways, we will never give those to anyone. Fuck spam. OK peace out and have fun! B-) Leave a comment below if you wanna say thanks!


Raptr: Dead Island GOTY for free!

Here’s how to get free Dead Island Game Of The Year Edition on Raptr! Must have your Steam Account bound to your Raptr profile. Must have recently ran the Raptr Desktop App Must have a Verified Email Account “Dedicated” or “above” in a select top Zombie FPS titles. As far as I understand you need to get that status in any of those games listed below. Selected top Zombie FPS titles: Arma II Operation Arrowhead (PC) BF3 (PC) Black Ops II (PC) Borderlands 2 (PC) Dead Rising 2 (PC) Left 4 Dead (PC) Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) Walking Dead EP1 (PC) The Walking Dead Series(PC) You can check if you qualify for free Dead Island GOTY by clicking here. Edit: If you qualify like I do you will get your CDKEY on February 28th!


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