Hey guys! We’ll be celebrating our 5th anniversary in few days. That’s why our website will be looking cooler than ever, starting from today :D

Please tell your friends that we’ll be giving away games on daily basis starting from December 1st. So keep an eye on our Steam group, posts on the site and our social profiles. You can join those by clicking the buttons on the sidebar on right, remember that if you want to participate in the lottery you need an account on our site (also on the sidebar).

We’ll also have a bunch of competitions, quizes, quests and finally a lottery!

Have a great day!!!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Jam

    I can’t find the lottery on the sidebar too. :(

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  2. FangedBeast

    I can’t find the lottery on the side bar D:

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  3. TheCrow

    Thank you very much and good birthday

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  4. Alex Woinder

    congratz and thanks for everything.

    steamunpowered have been in my daily feeds for more than 3 years i would say…

    live good and live longer!!!

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    1. stranded

      thank you for the kind words!

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