Battlefield 3: Lets boycott the shit out of this!


As most of you know, EA recently announced an exclusive DLC for preordering BF3. If you don’t purchase the pre-order or limited edition version of BF3, you will have to pay extra for the Karkand Expansion Pack. Karkand Expansion Pack is some guns and ammunition, which will create an unfair advantage people who pre-order. As well, charging people extra to play maps available on day one.

This was a decision made by EA, and not DICE. DICE and all of us need your help to get EA to wake up and change their decision. Please remember to be POLITE in these emails. A bunch of spamming telling them what dumb asses they are probably wont help much. This already happened once – a boycott called by Sarcastic Gamer against BFBC1, that eventually caused EA to change their mind.

The point is that we don’t want paid DLC that is going to split the community into groups of who does or does not have that DLC. You obviously can’t join a server if its running a map you don’t have. Bad Company 2 gave all its users the DLC for free. Now, I can see EAs reasoning about it from a console stand point (So that they still make a little money off of used games), but there is absolutely no reason for this on the PC. Obviously, you can’t buy used PC games. EA, if you won’t do this for everyone at LEAST do it for the PC community.

Official Twitter/Facebook pages:

EA Twitter:!/ea

BF3 Twitter:!/battlefield

EA Facebook:

BF3 Facebook:

Important EA emails:

  • John Riccitiello (CEO) –
  • Eric Brown (Exec VP, CFO) –
  • John Pleasants (COO) –
  • John Schappert – Chief Operating Officer
  • Leonard S. Coleman – Director
  • Jeff Huber – Director
  • Gary M. Kusin – Director
  • Barker, Ken – Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
  • Geraldine Laybourne – Director
  • Gregory B. Maffei – Director
  • Vivek Paul – Director
  • Lawrence F. Probst III – Chairman of the Board
  • Richard A. Simonson – Lead Director
  • Linda J. Srere – Director

Copy and paste this to your "send to" bar to save time:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Phone numbers for EA Games:

650-628-1500 – Redwood City

310-754-7000 – Los Angeles

EA support page: click

Link to original post on BF3 website:

Link to the poll on EA forums:

If ANYBODY gets a reply from EA, let us know what was said.


Big sites talking about it:

Source of the whole thing Reddit.

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  1. slay

    Great, we were part of something big that made giants reconsider their actions.


    Physical Warfare Pack out “later this year”.

    Battlefield 3’s controversial pre-order incentive DLC pack will be available to all players later this year, developer DICE has confirmed.

    The Physical Warfare pack, announced back in May as a GAME/Gamestation exclusive, inspired a boycott earlier this week with fans insisting that the extra weapons on offer were “over-powered” and gave users an unfair advantage.

    DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson today popped up on the Battlefield blog with clarification that the content will be offered as a free download to all players post launch.

    Read more…

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  2. Rad86N

    I read that the preorder bonus weapon stuff will be balanced. So having it doesnt mean you will be a superstar if you suck at the game. As we know there will be hackers that screw the leaderboards within a week. Its not really about scoring high. Its about the unique gameplay experience.
    BF is not COD. Its not going to be forgotten in a year and covered up with a new version.
    I know these are modern games, so they probably wont get as much support as BF2 had(which btw had its own paid DLCs-that many people bought for the value).
    People now preorder the game for 35€ and get some “free” stuff. Others will buy the game later for 20€+10€ for DLC.
    To me it only seems to be not very fair to the late buyers… for me as a guy that preorders it is very fair.
    I wont be able to say that the value of the game dropped by half of its preorder price just mere months after release.
    It only makes preordering more appealing.

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  3. Faark

    Dont think it is that much about pre-ordering. But they even new start with a DLC containing maps. And they saied there will be much more DLCs in the future (3x more than BC2, and no word about “free” jet afaik..). So pre-order-guys will be f***ed the same way as others… just a little less/later.

    And that will split community, …

    Sure u can fix the world. Not you alone. But if most of us…. thats what e.g. boycots are there for^^

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