Dragon Age II is not out yet but you can already buy DLCs?

Dragon Age 2 official US launch date should be today, 8th March, and in Europe 10th March, but isn’t it strange, that  game that costs $59.99 / £29.99 / 49.99€ (whoa, a fair price! :D) has already DLCs, that costs 560 + 800 BW points?!



But there is a good thing too, you can download a High resolution texture pack for the PC version, so you can run it in DirectX 11 mode.

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  1. slay

    compared EU and US price :)

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  2. rottencat

    If paying 15€ more than in UK is fair, its up to you to decide.

    I strongly disagree.

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  3. partravetett mamusz

    So Project Ten Dollar is still alive and kicking I see. :S

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  4. ChromoBoy

    The Exiled Prince DLC is belong to the Signature Edition, The Black Emporium is given in the standard edition.

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