Steam – What coming up next? Mafia II – Civ V – Fallout New Vegas

What’s coming up next on Steam? What are the next big games featuring Steamworks DRM? I’m here to tell you.


I am pretty sure everyone heard by now about Mafia 2 and is eager to play. On Friday August 27th the time has come, 2 weeks left only.

If you haven’t played the demo yet you may checkout this great video on YouTube made by the guy from

It was recorded on Full HD (1080) using max details. Enjoy the graphics.

If you have the Demo installed and are using a Nvidia card don’t miss the latest PhysX drivers. released by Nvidia yesterday. The new version 9.10.0513 has bug fixes for Mafia 2.

For a list of various Mafia 2 Bonus Packs checkout our user’s R0TTENCAT Steam thread.











An other great game people are waiting for is Civilization V. The PC release is set on September 21st and 2KGames already promised to released a demo prior.

One of the greatest fans of Civilization seems to be State  Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley.

"Now, therefore, I, Martin O’Malley, Governor of the State of Maryland, do hereby pay tribute to the outstanding achievements of Sid Meier on this day, July 28, 2010, and hereby recognize September 21, 2010, as Sid Meier’s Civilization V Day, and call upon the people of our State to join in celebrating this salute."

Greatest changes to Civilization 4 are hexagonal instead of square landscape. A new combat system. Now only one unit per field is allowed (no unit stacking anymore), but for this we get ranged combat. Some more controversial changes are removal of religion and all  civic choices are permanent. If you choose to develop a pious or militaristic society for example you will be stuck with this decision for rest of the game. A bit strange considering Civilization was always about human cultural evolution and that naturally involved changes. Just take Germanys history. From clansmen, to kingdom to religiously fundamentalist. From monarchy to republic, to dictatorship to be split into communism and democracy.

For a more comprehensive preview check out Civ5 recent preview. Our Polish guys should instead visit this site for a large preview. The Germans can instead visit for a nice preview. If you think reading is for pussy’s then I have these screenshots for you too taken by a User Beta Tester. 

Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, Vista SP2, XP SP3
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM !!!
  • Hard Disk: 8 GB RAM
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c with at least 256 MB RAM, (ATI HD2600 XT – Nvidia 7900 GS or Core i3 CPU with integrated graphics)

Recommend requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, Vista SP2
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz Quad-Core
  • Graphics: …with at least 512 MB RAM (NVIDIA GeForce 9800 or ATI Radeon HD 4800)
  • DirectX: DirectX 11



For original Fallout fans this was like a dream came true when Bethesda announce that Obsidian is making the next Fallout game.    Fallout New Las Vegas

Insiders and fans know that Obsidian was founded by Black Isle (an Interplay Studio) veterans, the makers of Fallout 1 & 2. Chris Avellone designer of Fallout 2 and lead designer of former Fallout 3 (Codename Van Buren) before it was canceled as results of Interplays finance troubles, is now the lead designer of Fallout New Vegas. Sometimes life can be just and we gamers surely can expect some glory of the past on this sequel.  PC release day will be October 22nd.

Fallout New Vegas will feature it’s own storyline that has nothing to do with Fallout 3 but instead will have similarities with Fallout 1 & 2.

We can expect so to see old acquaintances like the  New California Republic (NCR) and the Super Mutant Marcus from Fallout 2 making an appearance. New will be the full implementation of melee weapons and combat. A hardcore mode for the Fallout geeks. Now you actually have to drink water regularly in the wastelands or you die. A Level cap of 30.

If language is not an issue you should definitely play the game in English. The game features some prime voice caste like Zachary Levi from Chuck (Chuck himself) and Michael Dorn,to most of us know as Mr. Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and the movies. For a full list of this exclusive cast go here to USA Today. It’s really a list of Who’s Who in the business.

Behind the Scenes: The Many Voices of New Vegas on No Mutants Allowed

Fallout New Vegas will like Mafia II and Dragon Age feature multiple Pre-Order bonuses. What you get depends where you buy.

The Classic Pack, available when you pre-order through GameStop, contains:

  • Armored Vault 13 Suit – Extensively patched up and dotted with piecemeal armor, this outfit is an homage to the classic ending of the original Fallout.
  • Vault 13 Canteen – This handy device is useful for staving off dehydration and providing a small amount of healing in the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Weathered 10mm Pistol – A well-worn 10mm pistol that packs an extra punch despite its modest size.
  • 5 Stimpaks – Food and water are good for long-term healing, but when the fighting is fierce, Stimpaks help keep Wastelanders upright.

The Tribal Pack, available when you pre-order through Amazon, contains:

  • Tribal Raiding Armor – Pieced together from scraps of armor, this outfit provides protection without impacting mobility.
  • Broad Machete – This heavy-bladed melee weapon does high damage against limbs and can quickly deal out a flurry of attacks.
  • 5 Bleak Venom doses – Useful on any Melee Weapon, Bleak Venom makes short of work of most living targets.
  • 10 Throwing Spears – If you would like to silently pin an enemy’s head to a wall, Throwing Spears are the way to do it.

The Caravan Pack, available when you pre-order through Steam and Wal-Mart, contains:

  • Lightweight Leather Armor – This hand-modified suit of leather armor reduces its overall weight without impacting its ability to protect.
  • Sturdy Caravan Shotgun – Despite its rough appearance, this Caravan Shotgun will reliably fire 20 gauge shells until the Brahmin come home.
  • 4 Repair Kits – Useful for repairing any outfit or weapon, Repair Kits are a valuable tool for any caravaner.
  • Binoculars – The Mojave Wasteland is a dangerous place, but with these trusty Binoculars you’ll be able to spot trouble coming.

The Mercenary Pack, available when you pre-order through Best Buy, contains:

  • Lightweight Metal Armor – Modified for long-range travel, this Metal Armor sacrifices some protection for mobility and overall weight.
  • Mercenary’s Grenade Rifle – Though similar to other 40mm Grenade Rifles in the Mojave Wasteland, this model has a faster reload cycle.
  • 3 Super Stimpaks – When you absolutely, positively, need to keep your blood inside your body, Super Stimpaks fix you up in no time.
  • 3 Doctors Bags – Mercenaries and broken limbs go together like Iguana-on-a-Stick and Nuka Cola. Thankfully, these Doctors Bags take a bit of sting out of the inevitable crushed skull.

All this games will feature Steamworks. What does that mean for you? Well the most important for you is online DRM. You need a Steam account to install and activate the game. No Steam, no game. If you account get disabled for whatever reason so is your game, unless you find a crack. Second you don’t own the games. Steam games are subscriptions only. Even if you but retail you actually buy only a key to activate your subscription on Steam. In the end you just saved the download.

Pretty much a downside of course, but on the other side Steamworks DRM is one of the less intrusive DRM out there theses days. Don’t let us forget 2KGames Bioshock 1&2 using SecureRom DRM + Games for Windows Live. EA’s EADM, Stardocks Impulse, Activision/Blizzard and worst of all UBISOFT shit DRM.

At least Steamworks also comes with nice features like Achievements, Online Saves (Steam-Cloud) fully working game-overlay, friend-list and matchmaking.


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  1. eadm steam keys

    another usefull info i’ll see to it this gets to digg thank you so much for writing this

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  2. MyWay

    i own 110 games on my steam-account and i own my account since january 2005 and i never get hacked, baned or whatever. if u are a normal player with a little bit brain u dont get hacked and baned. i played 360 hours insurgency, 50 hours source and 1200 hours of tf2….so i can say that a normal player dont get baned. i own more games from other companys like ea and rockstar games or anything else. i dont get banned from punkbuster or from vac.
    if my pc is crashin i reinstall the os and install the driver and install steam then i have allready everything what i need on the pc.
    but what will happen if the steamserver will go down. the company dont have money to keep the servers online. in this case i will loose everything on the pc :)

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  3. ryuken

    Mmmm… i’m quite concerned with it.

    You had a choice to buy a retail game and enjoy it forever, regardless of DRM or whatever (DRM was not subject to change once you accepted it). When you buy a game on Steam you know you have some limitations (you can play as long as you possess a steam account).

    But now, your retail games are also linked to your steam account. Once you can’t or don’t want to comply with Steam TOS (subject to change over time) or otherwise lose control of it (ban, hacking, whatever) you also lose control of your retail games. That’s bad. Very bad.

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  4. MyWay

    we will see….i liek the way of steam as an distributor. but the own develop of real new games are shit since 3 years. i dont like l4d or l4d2 because for me its not a quite bit of feeling inside. so like all the other people i will see a new source- engine. they add the holetime some new things to the engine but they dont refresh it full. its a engine out of 2003-2004 so its a little bit late.
    the tragedy which i see with the protal 2 engine is that it is multiplatform gaming. so i dont know where the develop the engine but i dont think so thats a motherfukcin good engine. it looks good but it looks for an console and not for the pc. because u dont have to aim so good u onl y have to walk….thats good for the console players but not good for pc because its boring.
    my english is not so perfect but was not gabe sayin there are steamworks comin for the ps3? so thats they will develop the games for the ps3 too? i remember a interview where gabe was sayin the ps3 is bullshit but yeah like everything in this world money is ALL

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  5. zoomboom33

    There are few more AAA titles that are using steamworks (these are confirmed):
    Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
    Red Faction Armageddon
    Portal 2

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  6. Kossak

    thx for your time Dragoon. After playing mafia demo i search for good prices on this game :)

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  7. MarkAltair

    wonderful post.

    i think that it’s better if you put,for every game,a link to an online shop [not cd-key shop] like amazon to buy the game retail and link to a steam account saving money

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