GameFly: Mafia 2 and RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Mafia 2 is on deal right now (it’s either $7.49 or £4.99), the game uses Steamworks so it activates on Steam nicely. I really recommend this one, if you like open world games and great story line you won’t regret this one. Check it out here. Unfortunately to me it says that I can’t purchase it outside UK.   RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum 3 is also on deal with a…


Borderlands – new DLC on the way?

Borderlands recently got an update which added Steam achievements and new hardware support. That update also may have laid out, in extreme, spoiler-filled detail, the next downloadable expansion for Borderlands. The new Borderlands patch featured a folder with details about the future of the game. The next expansion appears to be heavy on Claptraps – the small, funny robots in-game. It turns out that you may be fighting them and…


Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers

(click on the picture to see the deal) Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers  is coming this month to Steam and will include the usual Steamworks features like achievements, leaderboards and matchmaking. The game was previously released on XboX 360 last year. The PC version will include the expansion pack for free.   Some may already heard of Magic: The Gathering, for you who have not: Magic –…


Aliens vs Predator™ Steam: Pre-order now and receive Universe at War: Earth Assault for free

Aliens vs Predator™

(click on the picture to see the deal)

Almost 11 years ago a PC game bought together two of the most vicious creatures ever unleashed on mankind by filmmakers. Aliens™ and Predators™. Although the cross-over of this former two independence movie franchises is dated back to 1990, it was the game that lead to it’s today success. It was followed by a sequels and two movies in 2004 & 2007.

February 16th Aliens vs. Predators™ will return to the PC for a third strike.

Good price for Britons, while Europeans once again suffer from the 1€=1$ conversion.

US: $49.99
UK: £24.99 (19% lower)
EU: 49,99€ (43% higher)



Online Retailers Refusing To Sell Modern Warfare 2

Kotaku just posted that Direct2Drive won't be selling Modern Warfare 2 on their PC digital delivery service. Why? Because of rival platform - Steam. The game includes mandatory installation of Valve's Steamworks, which the game uses for stuff like installation, DRM and save-game management. Something Direct2Drive (which is owned by website IGN) are having none of, telling: We don't believe games should force the user to install a Trojan Horse.…