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  • Xbox Game Pass: January 2021 update for Cloud, Console and PC

    Xbox Game Pass: January 2021 update for Cloud, Console and PC

    Here’s another set of new titles coming to Xbox Game Pass. Scroll lower to see what’s disappearing on January 29th!

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Xbox and PC) 3 months for only €16.49!

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Xbox and PC) 3 months for only €16.49!

    Hurry up and grab the subscription for both your console and PC right here on CDKeys.com!

  • Former Valve developer opens up – is Steam killing PC gaming?

    Former Valve developer opens up – is Steam killing PC gaming?

    Former Valve Software employee Richard Geldreich posted some really interesting insights on Twitter lately. According to the guy Steam was killing the PC gaming for years. Starting 2009 that is. This is when they’ve introduced different regional currencies and tiers in the store. Geldreich worked at Valve from 2009 to 2014 and claims that the…

  • Google Stadia is coming to town

    Google Stadia is coming to town

    If anyone remember’s OnLive streaming service you probably rolled your eyes today seeing that Stadia announcement. But this time that kind of service might actually work because it has millions of dollars behind it and potential user base is huge. Play anywhere straight from YouTube Imagine playing the Doom remake in 4K @ 60 FPS…

  • Mouse and keyboard support now available on Xbox One

    Mouse and keyboard support now available on Xbox One

    My Xbox One X just updated today with around 500MB update which brings mouse and keyboard support to the console. So far Microsoft announced couple of titles with support and it looks like there are a lot more to come.

  • Anyone else enjoying the Wild West? #RDR2

    Anyone else enjoying the Wild West? #RDR2

    Seriously one of the best games ever released is finally here, here are some screenshots from my Xbox One X. I hope Red Dead Redemption 2 comes to PC sooner or later… but for now this should be enough.

  • Get Monster Hunter: World on DLGamer now!

    Our friends from the French DLGamer are having a promo for the upcoming Monster Hunter: World. It’s a Steam redeemable key naturally. Grab it right here! The Deluxe Edition is available here for €56.38 and you can grab this one if you’re interested.

  • Staxel now available on Humble Store!

    If you’re looking for a nice, fresh building game and you’re tired of Minecraft already take a look at Staxel, it’s currently out on Humble Store (€19.99). Couple of screenshots below :-) Staxel is an online creative farming & village game with a cast of quirky villagers. Build your farmhouse, help villagers, take to the…

  • Destiny 2 Open Beta now live!

    You can now play Destiny 2 on PC on Battle.net! Go here to get into the open BETA now!

  • Iron Harvest first trailer now available!

    You seriously gotta see this one, it’s a strategy (RTS) game for PC and the potato stations. What is it? Giant mechs in alternative 1920’s.  Base building similar to Company of Heroes, what else do you need? Can’t wait to play this one. You can read more about the game in here. Check out the…

  • Humble Software Bundle now live!

    Humble Software Bundle is now live, this is probably the first software bundle ever on the Humble site. Pay what you want items aren’t really interesting to be honest, but the higher tiers are pretty nice. Check them out here!

  • Gabe Newell: Modders absolutely need to be compensated

    Remember the last time when Valve tried to introduce paid mods on Steam? It didn’t go well and it did not survive contact with the PC gaming community. When the proposal was announced in April 2015 with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as a pilot game it mostly got negative feedback. Shortly after that Valve removed the feature…

  • You can now pre-load For Honor Open Beta!

    Just open up UPlay and pre-load the game, it’s not that big (around 19GB), can’t wait to try this one out :)

  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown looks fucking good!

    Bandai Namco is about to release a brand new Ace Combat game for the PC later this year, check out the trailer below!

  • Steep open beta coming on November 18!

    If you have no idea what Steep is it’s a crazy sports game from Ubisoft presented last year, it’s basically snowboarding, skiing and other winter sports on huge maps. Remember it’s Ubisoft after all so I guess we can’t expect much but it’s really rare to see those sort of games on the PC, I…

  • Video game actors go on strike!

    It’s official, the largest actors union in Hollywood called a strike this Friday against video game companies. Apparently they didn’t agree on how to pay performers who do voice-overs and motion-capture work for the most popular video games. They have stopped working at 12:01 a.m. last Friday (21.10.2016). Creating games take a lot of time and…

  • GamersGate: Middle-Earth Weekend

    Lord of The Rings was never really my thing but those games are pretty decent, check out the brand new sale on GamersGate!

  • Blade Symphony €1.34 / £1.14 / $1.50

    If you ever played Jedi Academy and love the sword fighting games this is for you, for this cheap you can’t go wrong. Go here and check it out on the Humble Store!

  • The Division open beta starts soon!

    If you haven’t got a chance to try out The Division in the closed beta don’t worry because you will be able to play the open beta on February 19th! Open means there won’t be any NDA, you can record your gameplay, post reviews and stream the game on Twitch which is pretty cool. Can’t…

  • Poll Time: YouTube gaming launches tomorrow, will you be using it?

    Twitch.tv finally gets some real competition in the game live streaming market. Starting tomorrow, users can go to http://gaming.youtube.com  to check out the new interface or start a stream themselves. Do you think that this will change Twitch’s popularity at all? [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=””…

  • GMG will refund if Batman Arkham Knight remains broken after the first patch

    That’s awesome news! I like where this is going :) More info here. Source of that image: reddit

  • Reminder: Don’t pre-order games!

    In case you haven’t heard, new Batman game runs like shit (locked 30 FPS, stuttering even on GeForce 970), here’s a nice reminder from Cartman himself: Refund the game on Steam if you got it there. Seriously! Do it, lets show them.

  • GTA V is finally coming to PC. That is all.

    I’ve actually finished the game on PS3, it is funny and looks incredible but ran like shit on the PS3. Now it’s officially announced for the PC. I can’t wait to see all the mods floating around the net for it! Rockstar is back. Now give us Red Dead Redemption and we’re all be happy…

  • Steam: Linux client gets a major update!

    All the penguins are happy today, check this out: The Steam client got a major update recently with some pretty needed features: On game launch, if there is an update available but we haven’t started downloading it yet, ask the user if they want to launch the existing bits or wait for the update. How…

  • Bug in Origin allows attackers to hijack player PCs

    More than 40 million people could be affected by a vulnerability researchers uncovered in EA’s Origin online game platform allowing attackers to remotely execute malicious code on players’ computers. The attack, demonstrated on Friday at the Black Hat security conference in Amsterdam, takes just seconds to execute. In some cases, it requires no interaction by…