Bethesda to release it’s own launcher to sell mods?

Apparently there is an alpha version of a launcher for Bethesda games. It has Fallout 4 creation kit and even a Mods tab at the top. Check out some screenshots:

Do we really need another game launcher aside from Steam, Origin, UPlay,, GOG (optional)? They really want to sell those mods, we all know how it turned out last time they pushed it on Steam

What do you think about the new Bethesda launcher?

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Source: Found on NeoGAF.

Tripwire Interactive updates Killing Floor 2 EULA on Steam, forbids paid mods!

Yesterday the creators of Red Orchestra and Killing Floor series (both were mods for Unreal Tournament 2004 back in the day!) updated their EULA to forbid purchasable mods for their game.


Here’s the link to their EULA and the modding part:

While we encourage folks to make Mods, Mods will not be supported by Tripwire Interactive and its licensors, licensees or suppliers, and if distributed pursuant to this license your Mods must include a statement to that effect.

Your Mods must be distributed for free, period. Neither you, nor any other person or party, may sell them to anyone, commercially exploit them in any way, or charge anyone for receiving or using them without prior written consent from Tripwire Interactive. You may exchange them at no charge among other end users and distribute them to others over the Internet, on magazine cover disks, or otherwise for free.

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You can get refunds for mods in 24 hours but is it really a refund? No!

You have a 24 hour refund period, no questions asked but you are not actually getting your money back, instead it goes to the Steam Wallet which means you have to spend it on Steam anyway which is a really bad move.

Not anymore

EA is bad but at least it refunds you with real money, I know because I’ve done it twice now – with Crysis 3 (which is boring IMO) and with Command & Conquer games because they didn’t even want to run properly.

Steam is now selling mods!? WTF!

It seems that you can now buy mods for Skyrim on Steam, check this page out. Also there is a whole thread on reddit here, people claim that some mods were already stolen and someone posted them as their own… This is so not cool at all and I think it’s safe to say that most gamers are disappointed with this business decision.


More to this games have updates, mods might not have them. What if you buy mods and the game updates to a state where this mod no longer works? What the hell?


What else? Early access mods? You guys need to seriously contact Valve about this. Send them e-mails or whatever… I really doubt they will listen though.

In other news Skyrim has a free weekend just to encourage you to buy mods.

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Dying Light: Techland doesn’t like mods

The last Dying Light patch has made it much harder to mod the game. According to the patch notes, the change “blocked cheating by changing game’s data files”, which is good for multiplayer – but it has also affected innocent single-player mods or LAN games.

Dying Light Screenshot

According to Reddit users, DMCA takedowns have been issued on Dying Lights mods hosted on media sharing websites.

The mods affected were suppose to remove the film grain effect, which is just a simple graphical mod making the game run smoother and easier on eyes. This doesn’t make Techland or Warner Brothers look good at all, but guys you gotta remember that stopping modding is a great way for decreasing the longevity of the game which means… they can sell another one faster ;-)

If you want to mod your game despite of what they say here’s a quick tutorial on how to disable the film grain effect.

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Steam now hosts more curated Workshops for non-Valve games

Valve has opened the money-making side of Steam Workshop to third-party titles, giving modders more ways to make money.

Steam Workshop Update

Are you a modder of Dungeon Defenders: Eternity and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare? You’re lucky, these are the first non-Valve games to support this update.

Community members can create, vote on and buy in-game items – returning some of the income to the modder’s pockets.

Steam Workshop modders have earned over $57 million by modding Valve games.

“We expect more curated Workshops to become available for creators and players in various games over the coming weeks and months,” Valve said in an announcement post.

The company has also launched a new set of tools allowing creators to track their earnings more precisely.

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