Steam Halloween Sale

There’s a Halloween sale on Steam, check it out. Our Halloween Lottery should be up soon ;-)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Timmaeh

    I already found some helpful guys at ;)

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  2. stranded

    Timmaeh you should look for some Russians ;-)

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  3. Timmaeh

    Need someone, who gifts me some games!

    First I’ll pay the games & extra charge via PayPal, then you’ll gift me the games. Sounds good? Mail me:

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  4. SilentBugler

    Got me a couple of discounted titles that I’ve had on my wanted list, feels good man.

    But I will admit that the selection of titles could have been wider, and some discounts are a bit off (Condemned: Criminal Origins only 50% is not a great deal).

    But hey my cash and free time are limited resources, if I’m not buying and not playing some other developers game because they didn’t give me a good deal that’s their problem, not mine.

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  5. Zuko

    i tak nie bedzie nic wartego kupna, same gowna

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