Coop games from GameFly, Steam redeemable

They have a lot of deals out of the sudden (Valentine’s day related?), released an hour ago. All of these are Steam Redeemable and quite cheap. Reminder, use the 20% off voucher if it still works!: GFDFEB20 First one is Payday: The Heist for £3.75. I nice coop game but just to let you know: play it with friends, not random people!     Second one is Renegade Ops for…


Green Man Gaming: 30% off for Australia and New Zealand

Since being pressured by 2K Games into raising the price on Borderlands 2 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown for ANZ customers, Green Man Gaming haven’t been sitting quietly on their hands. Their solution: a voucher that gives 30% off on all titles where publishers have forced them to gouge Australians unfairly. “We have thought long and hard about the ANZ market that has been so good to GMG in the past…


Green Man Gaming explains Australian/New Zealand pricing

Here’s a friendly message from Green Man Gaming with some information about price differences in Australia and New Zealand.     Hi - we have had a number of enquiries about price increases on Borderlands 2 and XCOM Enemy Unknown in Australia and New Zealand.  This was done at the request of the publisher based on local retailer feedback.  We would rather not have had to do this but we…


EA’s Steam pricing finally criticized

Finally someone else than us noticed the non-sense pricing on Steam. It’s kind of sad it took a over a year for someone to finally see it. Although, better late than never. Not that we didn’t contact IGN a year ago about this…but oh well. Anyway, here’s the post: “I noticed something when cooking up the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition Steam pre-order…


Weekend Deals (22.01.10)

updated on 22th January: added GoG

It’s unbelievable how quickly time goes by, time to next weekend deals. Again. Okay, here we go again :)

GamersGate shoots first with Sid Meier. Every Sid Meier’s games are off by 50%. So if you ever played Pirates! back on 90’s, get Sid Meier’s Pirates!, it is same thing, only with nicer graphics with some addons :)

Steam is offering Company of Heroes franchise with 75% discount.

Impulse has 20 items on sale!

GamesPlanet has Winter Sale still running.

Good Old Games woke up and is offering Cyan Inc. games with 25% discount.

PS. The list will be updated when new offers will pop up.



L4D2 Pre-Purchase unfair regional pricing

If you are thinking about pre-purchasing L4D2, you should think twice, as you might be yet another victim of Valve's regional pricing scam. Previously only differing the price between US Dollar, Euro and British Pound, they now topped it by even discriminating between the European countries. So we not only have the well known unfair price difference between Dollar, Euro and Pound: US L4D2 Pre-Purchase: $44.99 EU L4D2 Pre-Purchase: 44,99€…


Steam: EA Games lowered prices in Europe!

Thanks for all the guys who noticed it (I really have no time to check the Steam store right now). As the news title says, some EA Games are priced really reasonable on Steam comparing to what they were in the beginning (30%-140% more!). See all EA Games on Steam here. Read more about it here (all EA titles listed on Steam with proper price comparison, thanks to Rhoning The…


Steam: New games in store

Some new titles showed up yesterday on Steam. Including a cool puzzle game called Puzzlegeddon (try the demo here) and Freeze Tag games. While the first one is priced really fair around the world the second one continues with over priced policy in Europe, especially Tier 1 (40% more) and the UK (23% more). We do not recommend getting the Freeze Tag packs if you’re from Tier 1 – get…


Steam: New Batman game 42% more expensive in Europe

I’ve been following this title since it was announced. Always wanted to play some new Batman game on my PC ;) Anyway, this is absurd! It’s another game on Steam that’s priced around 42% higher than in USA. Steam Unpowered does not recommend buying this game on Steam – be sure to get it in your retail store or in other digital game stores. US: $49.99 UK: £29.99 (1% lower)…


Call of Duty 5: Mid-Week Madness: 50% off

It seems that Valve is announcing more deals and price reductions nova days days - since they realized that their biggest competitors are putting out deals more often than they do. Like for example World of Goo week deal on Direct2Drive. Looks like a good deal doesn’t it? Think again: US: $49.99 $24.99 UK: £29.99 £14.99 (1% lower) EU: 49,99€ 24,99€ (41% higher) Even if we consider value added tax…


SavyGamer: Steam is pretty expensive

I’ve had a look at ten recent releases and ‘coming soon’ games on Steam, and compared their prices with the cheapest available retail prices. I’ve included delivery, and any coupons available.

10 game examples here

So, of the ten selected games, the average Steam price is 29.89 GBP and the average retail price is 19.68 GBP, meaning that in this sample, Steam is 52% more expensive than buying retail. Put another way, buying all ten of these games from Steam would cost 298.90 GBP, and buying them all from retail would cost 196.79 GBP. Also, for new releases, sometimes Steam is the quickest way to get your game, and sometimes retail is.


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