The Halloween Sale just launched in the Humble Store!

Here’s one of the first Halloween sales. Buy any game during this sale and get Murderious Pursuits for FREE!

Halloween Giveaway 2016 coming October 31st!

You will have a chance to win some scary Steam games! Come back on October 31st to participate in our annual Halloween Giveaway. No bullshit likes, no subscriptions. This time you will have to leave a comment under special Steam group post. That’s it. Winners are going to be picked few days after.

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Giveaways scheduled for 2016!

I’m happy to announce that we have 3 scheduled giveaways for this year on our Steam group, more details coming in the following months. Sponsors are soon to be announced. All giveaways are going to be hosted on our website, Gleam, social accounts or Steam group. All social media connection requirements will be limited to minimum, no bullshit likes,

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No More Room in Hell – free game, comes out this Halloween!

Remember Left 4 Dead? Yea? Basically imagine that but with 8 co-op partners, and make it so that one zombie bite brings down a player.

The original Half-Life 2 mod has grown into a standalone game, and now it has a final Steam release date.

On October 31, two years after the original mod’s release, you’ll be

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Pre-Halloween EXTRA winners annoucement!

Just as I promised earlier here are the extra winners from the pre-halloween lottery! Just login on the site and check your PM box (menu above) to get your games. Weeeeee!


Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (Origin)

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Halloween Giveaway 2012 winners!

Sorry you guys had to wait longer than expected but it’s not entirely our fault either (don’t even think about going to Skyfall, it sucked!)…

click here for lottery
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Halloween Giveaway 2012 is here!

Lots of stores have great deals and all right now but hey, nothing better than free games right?

Here it is! Happy Halloween Lottery everyone! ;-)

Halloween Lottery 2012

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