Steam for Mac already being redesigned!

Some Mac user (he’s in the Steam Mac beta program) already redesigned the interface to fit today’s Mac standards and this is what he said:

However, the part I disliked about Steam on the Mac is the (understandably) less-than-native looking and feeling UI. While the entire application was recently redesigned (and re-engineered to utilize Webkit as its rendering engine), it still feels less than at home between the system apps.

Here are “before and after” screenshots:

You can read more about it here. That’s a pretty nice skin (the fucking stripes are gone and gradients are a lot easier to look at)! I would love to see a Windows port of it. I realize there are plenty of Steam Windows skins out there but they aren’t as good as this.

In other Steam Mac news: Steam for Mac gets a little more support from Tripwire Interactive (Red Orchestra, Killing Floor)

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  1. Elbart

    So what that user turned an app, which had an unique look, into a generic-looking app.
    Think different, eh?

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  2. Rad86N

    little things but i cant help it.. valve needs to hire a designer guy not afraid of progress..
    reminds me of other things that were already old on their release..
    its sad..who knows how much steams facelift costs were, weird they couldnt spend a little more for a desing to last for the next 10 years

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