Borderlands 2 GOTY €7.45 / £6.40 / $7.99

GameBillet is having a nice sale, this time it’s Borderlands 2: Game of The Year. It does have most of the game’s DLCs inside so it’s a really nice offer. The page says it’s a Mac game but since it’s a Steam Play game it works both on Mac and Windows. Remember to use our special voucher UNPWR at checkout to get extra 20% off!!!

Star Wars games sale on GMG, Steam redeemable

Don’t be fooled by the MAC sign, these games are SteamPlay powered which means they work on Windows and Linux as well!

Steam Star Wars Sale on GMG

Poll Time: Are you using Steam on Windows, Linux or Mac?

Just a simple question, lets see how many people are out there who actually use Steam on systems other than Windows. Go!

Poll Time

Are you using Steam on Windows, Linux or Mac?

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Steam Linux sale results for Defender’s Quest

Linux Sales

Here’s a great research on Linux sales on Steam from Gamasutra:

“The question on everybody’s mind is : how many Linux users are there anyway (on Steam)?

Nearly three times as many Linux sales as Mac sales, Linux (for desktops) is a much smaller market than Mac. There’s several possible explanations for these results – pent-up demand from Linux users, Defender’s Quest being one of only a handful of Linux games available, and the Linux theme of the promotion itself.

There’s also the possibility that we’ve simply been under-estimating the Linux market all along (especially considering the results from the various Humble Indie Bundles).

Methodology matters just as much as raw data, so here’s how Steam calculates “linux” and “mac” users: “Mac/Linux sales are based on platform of purchase; or after 7 days, the platform with the most minutes played.”

That’s pretty straightforward, except for an ambiguous edge case – what happens if someone buys the game on Windows, plays for a minute, and then logs 60 hours on their Linux box 10 days later? Are they counted as a Windows user or a Linux user? (I’ve written to Valve for clarification on this). I’m not sure there’s enough cases of this sort of thing to grossly affect the data.

In any case, data from a one-week, Linux-themed sales period isn’t exactly typical, so I compared these results to our lifetime direct (non-steam) sales stats. These numbers only account for sales made directly through  Whenever someone purchased the game from our site, they got links to Windows, Mac, and Linux builds of the game. Our storefront software, FastSpring, tracks how many times users click on each link.

Just as on Steam, Windows clearly dominates, and at least for our direct sales, Mac has a slight lead over Linux.

Our Linux builds came in three flavors – DEB, TAR.GZ, and RPM, to accommodate the various different Linux distributions. Of these, the DEB package accounted for 52% of downloads, the TAR.GZ had 36%, and the RPM package came in last at 11%.

This data set accounts for overall download attempts, not individual users. Our storefront provider, FastSpring, lets user download each file up to 6 times before a fixed expiration date, after which we have to manually reset the link at the customer’s request. (Needless to say, this “feature” makes me want to replace FastSpring at the first opportunity).”

For conclusions and more head over to Gamasutra.

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Grand Theft Auto trilogy coming to Mac


Rockstar Games said today that it will be bringing Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas to Mac gamers "later this year."

"Look for the long-awaited release of the classic Grand Theft Auto Trilogy (Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) for Mac – most likely later this year," the studio said in its "Asked and Answered" feature. "We’ll have much more info and a proper announcement soon."

Wonder if it’s at all related to the curious re-rating – at least in Australia – for a "modified" and "multiplatform" version of Vice City.

Technically, any Mac gamer with a copy of Windows installed has been able to play these games on his machine for some time. A native version is nicer to have. And its nice to see Rockstar climbing aboard in its support of the platform.

Source: Kotaku

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Steam is forcing Apple to fix graphics issues on Mac

Apple has got the message and has provided a graphics update for OS X Snow Leopard which will go some way towards closing the gap between the two platforms.

“When we launched Steam on Mac OS X back in May, there was a lot of buzz about performance, particularly relative to Windows running on the same machine,” says a statement from Steam bosses.

“While we met our goal of making sure all of our customers had an acceptable gaming experience at launch, we have spent a large chunk of effort in the intervening months working with Apple and their GPU vendors to close the performance gap with Windows.”

Steam reckons a combination of changes to its own code and the latest graphics update available from Apple today removes a variety of software bottlenecks, resulting in significant graphics performance enhancements for Mac gamers. Just in time too, according to players were getting frustrated and were considering converting to the master race.

In addition to low-level implementation changes which have improved performance across the board, Apple has also removed some implementation inefficiencies which allow Steam games to improve visual quality, most notably in the area of GPU occlusion queries.

Since the latest update to 10.6.4, Steam has been able to properly implement ‘occlusion query’ which is a GPU-based mechanism which allows OpenGL to draw convincing lighting effects, particularly when a light source is obscured by in-game objects.

“A given light source may be partly or wholly occluded by other geometry in the scene and we use the occlusion query to determine how occluded it is. The percentage of a given light source’s screen area which is actually visible is used to scale the intensity of an additive glow sprite which is drawn over the frame without any z-buffering,” – Steam developer said.

“We have been able to measure performance improvements with the latest software update, but we are anticipating even more speedups if Apple implements the uniform_buffer_object extension and GLSL 1.3 in a future update. With these additional features, we will be able to sidestep this particular CPU bottleneck, allowing us to win back a bunch of CPU time and, ultimately, performance.”

The gaming community is reporting dramatic performance improvements on iMac (Late 2009 and Mid 2010), Mac mini (Early 2009 and Mid 2010), Mac Pro (Early 2009), MacBook (Early 2009 and Mid 2010) and MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) and MacBook Pro (17-inch, Mid 2010) models. Older systems are generally already operating at the limits of the hardware, and Valve Software says it’s unlikely that any significant performance improvements can be achieved in the future.

In conclusion, Steam employees said, “We’re very excited about the performance improvements that Apple and the GPU vendors have been able to deliver this summer and we are working with them to further improve performance.”

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Steam for Mac goes live, Linux client announced!


Steam, is now available to Apple users.

Mac users will be able to download Portal, Football Manager 2010 and Torchlight at launch, with more titles added every Wednesday.

"We’re very excited to be bringing Torchlight to the Mac," said Max Schaefer, co-founder of Runic Games, the company behind the title. "Having Steam for the Mac solves so many problems for us as a developer."

Steam, which has around 25 million users, was launched in 2004, allowing PC owners to buy and download games to play on their computer. The library of games soon expanded, and there are now more than 1,000 titles available.

Game studios will be able to use the Steam suite of development tools on the Mac platform to add social-networking and antipiracy features. Steam users who own both a Mac and a PC will be able to download already purchased games to their Apple computer.

Valve has also confirmed that it will make Steam available to Linux users in the coming months.


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Steam for Mac already being redesigned!

Some Mac user (he’s in the Steam Mac beta program) already redesigned the interface to fit today’s Mac standards and this is what he said:

However, the part I disliked about Steam on the Mac is the (understandably) less-than-native looking and feeling UI. While the entire application was recently redesigned (and re-engineered to utilize Webkit as its rendering engine), it still feels less than at home between the system apps.

Here are “before and after” screenshots:

Before After

You can read more about it here. That’s a pretty nice skin (the fucking stripes are gone and gradients are a lot easier to look at)! I would love to see a Windows port of it. I realize there are plenty of Steam Windows skins out there but they aren’t as good as this.

In other Steam Mac news: Steam for Mac gets a little more support from Tripwire Interactive (Red Orchestra, Killing Floor)

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