Green Man Gaming: Few good deals, Steam redeemable


The daily deals are now over!

Here are some combined deals from Green Man Gaming, you guys asked to post them all in one post for each store instead of separate posts so here it is! Use this coupon to get 20% off GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK. The prices are in US dollars because I see them as such from Poland. I guess some of you might see Euros or Pounds but I think GMG allows you to pick currency, correct me if I’m wrong please. The games or deals are Alpha Protocol, Virtua Tennis, Binary Domain, Lucius and Gemini Wars (not Steam redeemable!). Expand this news post for prices and fancy images.


Alpha Protocol for $3

Virtua Tennis for $3





SavyGamer » Alpha Protocol, PC – €2.49 –NO LONGER VAILD

Seems the price was a mistake. Now the game cost €24.90-. Kudos to everyone who bought the game for €2.49     Alpha Protocol, PC – £2.25 07/10/2010 in Digital Distribution Alpha Protocol, PC – £2.25 This offer is only officially possible to get in certain parts of Europe, but by using this workaround you can get it anywhere: 1. Go to this proxy. Any proxy for a country that…