Weekend Deals (11.03.2018)

Here are the best deals for the end of this great weekend! 🎮💻 Spring is just around the corner…

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Here are the highlighted deals:


Couple of really nice upcoming games on sale now!

GamesPlanet: Xmas Advent Sale Part 3 is up!

GamesPlanet Advent Sale part 3 is now available, checkout the highlights below. You can find the promo page here.

Highlights from part 3:


This is it guys, the biggest sale of the year is finally happening, detailed deals listed below!

GamersGate is having a bunch of new sales since their last update (Tom Clancy’s games for example), G2A is having a really nice promo, you can get 10% cashback with checkout code FRIDAY. SCDKEY is organizing some nice events too.


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Postal 3 €3.75 / £3.19 / $3.96

Everyone keeps saying that Postal 3 sucks so bad you can’t even finish it. Now you’ll finally have a chance to check the title yourself because it’s cheap on GamersGate. Running With Scissors (the original Postal and Postal 2 developers) are shitting on the game in their Postal 2 DLC but maybe… it’s worth a try?

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