Poll Time: Would you buy premium Steam subscription?

I’ve been talking with my buddies about subscription based services – for example Netflix, Spotify or Office 365. And we just kinda thought that Steam should have an option to buy some sort of monthly subscription packages to use the whole catalog – or some parts of it.

For example you want to play some shooters? Pay €20 monthly and play whatever you want. Want to play some RTS or RPGs? Pay for the whole package and enjoy. That’s just a crazy example but the thing is would people do that? What about publishers and developers? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t like that at first.

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Would you buy premium Steam subscription?

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They could divide it all into categories or even offer the whole catalog for some crazy price like €100 a month. This kind of sounds unreal at the moment but considering all big services are now subscription based this could change the way we play games.

I know that I would take advantage of that kind of model because sometimes I just don’t want to play games at certain times and I would simply stop paying for the service in the summer season. I don’t really buy any big AAA titles like Call of Duty or Battlefield anymore but it would be just fun to have this broad catalog to play with.

Of course it would all be optional and it could be used with the current model so if you stop paying you still have the games you own. What do you think guys?


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  1. trancemansion

    I’d like the idea, well maybe some of her. Subscribe plan – yes, but i would not pay 100 euro for example (monthly) for all games, instead of that i would buy the game i most wanted for 20/30 euro from some cheap prize. The good games on the market right now are not so many so this plan to work it out. They are just a few and you could all get them for that prize and they would be yours whenever you want. This plan would work only if there is many good games and really much of them are worth playing and even then that higher prize would be a bad idea, except only if they lowered her for a simbolic price of 20/30 euro subsribe plan for every game in their catalog only then this concept would work.

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