Poll Time: Most Anticipated Games of 2014

Vote now! I personally can’t wait to try Hellraid, Watch Dogs, Dying Light, Titanfall and Tom Clancy’s: The Division (screenshot below).

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Most Anticipated Games of 2014:

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Vixx

    Watch Dogs and Dying Light, for sure

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  2. palker4

    For me i cannot wait for Witcher Wasteland 2 and Next car game. Also i do not care for GTA V San Andreas is still the best GTA imho. I looking forward to see Watchdogs much more than GTA.

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  3. Ľubor Slušný

    Win 8 Sucks

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    1. DB

      Yeah, i missed that too.

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  4. hnnnnnnnng

    motherfucking tetris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. InterS

    OMG you did not add “windows 8 sucks” as option :)) haha

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  6. anon14

    watch dogs, gta 5, elder scrolls online, in this order

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  7. DarkStar

    Anyone else waiting for Banished?

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  8. BIN

    Where is Dark Souls 2????

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  9. Alessandro do Carmo Silva

    Wasteland 2

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  10. Rhonin

    From that list, Witcher 3. I am also cautiously optimistic about Dragon Age 3. Outside the list my most anticipated game is Galactic Civilizations III, although it will probably release in 2015. The rest I am more or less indifferent about.

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