Poll Time: Is buying games on sales more important to you than actually playing them?

I’ve been reading reddit few minutes ago and this question seems to be very interesting. What do you guys think? I’ve personally bought hundreds of games earlier during those big sales that I will probably never launch – and that’s not only on Steam, other services too, I don’t even think of finishing them to be honest. Now I just try to limit myself to games that I really, really want or to the ones that are interesting, coop or fun to play for short periods of time when there’s nothing else to do. How about you guys?

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Is buying games on Steam sales more important to you than actually playing them?

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  1. Gokburt

    I used to buy a lot of games on sale, but now I buy only games I think I’m going to play and has a fair price (if I buy from steam). I buy a lot of humble bundles too, to support the charities.

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  2. Cyber Killer1

    The sales are messing with my mind… I know I got loads of games (I had loads of games even before the digital distribution era) and I got less and less time to play them, but when I see some game that looks fun for just a few €, I can’t control myself. I tend to think “come on, it’s only like a few beers, that you’d drink and they would be gone, and this’ll stay (hopefully) forever” and then I’m fighting with myself for a while. Sometimes I win and don’t buy, but later I feel bad about it. However if I lose my inner struggle and buy the game, the first few moments of seeing it on my list give me some kind of euphoria, that I can’t understand. I feel so good for that short time, that I got the game… But after that comes the bitter realization that I will probably never run it even once. :-(

    Woah, this really sounds like I maybe should get some kind of professional help :-P.

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    1. elocholero

      I’ve read article about people with major depressive disorder buying items of ebay and never unpacks them, having plenty of paperboard boxes in thiers apartments just to get these endorphins to kick in short after purchase on webpage. Not telling its your/our case but its scary to see how far it can take some. Maybe its time to do something constructive with our lives, like get a gym booklet

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  3. emrextreme

    I’m on Windows 8 and never had trouble with any game.

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