Poll Time: Favorite game developer

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking lately about my favorite developer, gaming developer that is. And it’s really hard to pick one but I guess it’s either Rockstar Games or Valve Software. Both of those made several gaming masterpieces and set the bar extremely high for all future developers. What are your picks?

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Who is your favorite game developer?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. GZAlafff

    As game Dev i would say in equal position : Bullfrog (Populous , Dungeon Keeper , Theme Hospital) and Relic (Homeworld ,War40k series , Companie of Heroes)

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  2. laserad

    ubi makes decent games but they are assholes.. also a massive valve bias for saving the dying pc platform.

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  3. just_do_it_ffs


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  4. stranded

    I meant the game works yea ;)

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  5. Juzi

    Bethesda Game Studios*

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  6. Juzi

    My mistake. Didn’t know, Bethesda Game Works existed. Always thought “Bethesda” simply means the publisher.

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  7. Soul--Reaver1

    Gearbox (also Bethesda and CD Projekt)

    My favourites were not decided based on the games they created but rather on how they work, dedication to fans and there policies

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  8. Juzi

    You should remove Bethesda from the list. It’s not a game developer, they publishes games only. Please do research next time. ;)

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  9. MrKengurz

    Arkane Studios – Creators of one of my favorite game! (Dishonored)

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  10. dani895

    Tiny Build Games (SpeedRunners)

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  11. Neofaucheur

    Gearbox (only for Borderlands series) and Insomniac !

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