Left 4 Dead 2 launch time?


You can read from Left 4 Dead 2 blog following:

Due to an ongoing debate in the office and online as to whether “12 AM” means noon or midnight (we’re still sticking with midnight), it’s been more challenging than we realized to tell people when exactly our game will be available. Factor in the Earth rotating around the sun, daylight savings time, some of our fans insisting on using the Mayan calendar, and we’re just going to try and make this as specific as possible:

When L4D2 will go live:

Tuesday, November 17th, 12:00 AM (midnight) Eastern Standard Time

  • Monday, November 16th, 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Monday, November 16th, 10:00 PM Mountain Standard Time
  • Monday, November 16th, 11:00 PM Central Standard Time
  • Tuesday, November 17th, 12:00 AM (midnight) Eastern Standard Time
  • Tuesday, November 17th, 5:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time
  • Tuesday, November 17th, 8:00 AM Moscow Time
  • Tuesday, November 17th, 2:00 PM Japan Standard Time

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13 responses to “Left 4 Dead 2 launch time?”

  1. slay Avatar


    it doesn’t start for me… decrypting files for a second and dies.

    but xander is already playing it and gaining achievements

    ahh, a steam restart helped

  2. stranded Avatar

    I’m at work as well, and from what I’ve seen the game decoded the files around 7 am so it’s around an hour late. Not bad.

    Will probably post some screenshots and a mini-review when I get back home (or not ;D).

  3. slay Avatar

    seems like this time they kept the promise

    although I am not sure about exact time when it went live.

    At least not on friday :D

  4. Jibece Avatar

    Well, I’m in work so I can’t play yet, but.. Valve time? ;)

  5. Rad86N Avatar

    Steam pre-orderees get their copies on the official release date. I gave 22€ for my copy, yet retailers in my country sell it for 47€!

  6. slay Avatar

    EU citizens will be ass-raped again:

    Valve has said that the PC version of Left 4 Dead 2 will be available from Steam at 5am GMT tomorrow, 17th November.

    The game’s available to pre-order and pre-load from the developer’s digital distribution service now.

    In Europe, PC and Xbox 360 owners can pick up boxed versions this Friday, 20th November.


  7. mr. friday Avatar
    mr. friday

    if it’s so important for somebody if a game releases some hours earlier or later, something is SERIOUSLY wrong in his life.

  8. stranded Avatar


    Short after Left 4 Dead release they released a patch which was preventing users from re-downloading the whole game. I suppose you can check it in the Steam News archives.

    And I remember waiting for my game to download while all my friends finished it and kinda said..it sucks and is too short :D

  9. Rad86N Avatar

    If you watched closely.. official release date went with the delay of the demo to 6am 18th! then it moved to 6am 17th after a week or so.. then to 9pm 16th.. and now its back to 6am 17th..
    They wanted to release it on 17th since the beginning. btw.. this blog post is actually pretty sure its the right release date. I think valve already looks like a moron party since the release of the demo. They might want get some respect back..

    all times are – CET = +1 from greenwich mean time

  10. XanderCz Avatar

    I never had the problem with re-downloading. And I’m staying positive about the relase date

  11. stranded Avatar

    added poll, also pre-load does not mean anything, I had a pre-load of Left 4 Dead a year ago and what happened? the game re-downloaded all over again in the moment of release (over 4 GB).

  12. slay Avatar

    remember, that demo was too pre-loaded

  13. Jibece Avatar

    It will, the game is already pre-load, they just have to unlock our copies.

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